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Pulitzers need shelf space

You know it's really easy to bemoan and belittle the decline of TV news and journalism, but let's give credit where credit is due...


When it comes to temperature extremes I ask you where, just where are you going to turn to watch somebody fry an egg on the sidewalk on a hot day in July or throw a glass of watah in the air and watch it freeze on the way down on a record cold day in January?


Let's face it, if it weren't for these breathless and timely on the scene reports, we as a people would surely forget that physical properties can change with temperature.


And then you know what happens?


Yeah, you get a whole lot of people walking around in the cold in various states of undress because nobody on TV told them 17 or 18 times a day that exposed skin can freeze in mere minutes in these extreme temperatures during the arctic vortex of death!





Now if somebody tried to fry an egg on a RealDoll, that I'd watch.

I have to give the butler credit. He refreshed our food, water and scooped the box. So, with little else to do, he went to his bed with a bottle of "Johnny Black Label". Mudville is arctic. No way a sane cat goes out in that dreck.

Physical properties can change with temperature? Well that explains a few things...

I can't hear you,I'm in the Cone of Silence. ;O

Was watching the histrionics on The Weather Channel this morning. What a goof!

Thinking with the mind of my inner 10 year old, the proper cold measure should be the nip-meter on the TWC weather women. That's a measure universally understood and appreciated.

Ok, it's cold.Nothing's afoot. Time to find somebody to rag doll. Any ideas? ↑


It's going to be close to 60F here in Denver today. I think I might enjoy some chronic on my front patio. That is now legal here as well...


Okay, kids. Here's something fun to do with these frigid temps:


Pretty cool, actually.

Well, it's 72 degrees here on Maui this morning. That may sound OK, but the damn wind chill takes it all the way down to 69.

Totally disappointing here in Missoula, MT. Very average. AND weed's still illegal. here's what some fellow Montanans started a couple of years ago… https://www.facebook.com/gofrosting?fref=ts

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