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And where were we projected to finish last year?






Yeah, I know, Ortiz is 38. Pedroia has a bum thumb. And Lestah has a doppelgangah who shows up unannounced and launches the suck...


But I'll take this "friggin' frat house" rostah ovah Tampa any day of the week.


And don't forget: Xander Bogaerts.





Xarelto Bogaerts. Because he gets the blood flowing.

This guy has Washington taking the NL East. Oh my stars and garters it's too early to be laughing myself to collapse.

In the day he'd have been Xander (Humphrey) Bogaerts to Chris (Ethel Merman) Berman.
Tampa may have talent on the field, but they also have Joe Maddon, who with a better financed team, could be hall of fame material, and have some rings, too.

Don't Bogaerts that point,my friend ;O

Ortiz wants a contract extension. I guess spring training is near.

*** Update: Weds, Jan 29th ***

I've got nothing, nada, for today.

Stay creepy, my friends.

The creepiest man in the world?

I don't often choose to creep on the Internet, but when I do, I creep at Soxaholix.

Human Growth Hormone injects HIM for supernatural strength.

Is it Friday already???

It's Friday somewhere.

Just like it's always 12:00 somewhere,Chris. ;O

I got nothing again. Sorry folks.

Not only is it offseason, but also there's the well running a bit dry after 10 seasons of writing and, finally, I got a sorta huge promotion at work that has me busier than I was before.

I'll try to have something for Friday, tomorrow.

Wow, congrats on the promotion, HB! Now decline it, and get back to Soxaholix.

Heh. Evil is as evil does.

Literal LOL on that one.

Congrats HB!
Glad somebody else besides us recognizes your talent. Hopefully they pay you a little more than we do. As valuable our appreciation is:)

There are people that are offended by my appreciation, 99% of 'em are women, the 1% you will hear from once he gets wind of this...

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