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Not this year

Well, one shouldn't be greedy...


It's weird to think the Red Sox have won 2 World Series since the Patriots last Super Bowl victory.


Especially when you realize how often the Pats have been close enough to smell it.


If it has to break one way or the othah, count me in the camp that's breaking for the Red Sox.


This is and always will be the Red Sox's city.


Meanwhile, the Super Bowl is going to feature teams from the two cities in the USA where marijuana is legal. Coincidence? I think not.


They should move kickoff to 4:20.



Doritos just doubled their ad purchases for the game

4:20 is 1:20 on the left coast. Too damn early, for this bunch. If anything, the NFL and their network of the year, would like a 7:20 ET kickoff, so it's 4:20 on the coast, and in Vegas.

I never thought I'd say this, but I'm rotting for Denver in the SB. Seattle is just too punky, chirpy, assholey. A team full of jerks who get in barfights because "you looking' at me?"

Bob, "You lookin' at me?" is as New Jersey as it gets. By comparison, Seattle is not full of paranoid self centered Mafiosi, IF THAT SORT OF THING EXISTS, naturally! ;) Reality TV ain't always real.

Back from Japan. Don't want to be here. Spending a lot of time on the Qantas website. Sad sad sad. I can't cheer for the Broncos since they beat the Packers 100 years ago. We Irish never forget.


Cmdr, 4:20 refers to the cannabis culture and to hemp use in general. See http://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/420_(cannabis_culture)

I'm hip to this factoid because I listened to NPR this weekend - in the Eastern time zone. :)

Hey Belichick,

Who made the decision to run the ball only 16 times in Denver after averaging 43 runs per game in the winning weeks leading up to the AFC Championship game? Let me guess, it was Wes Welker's fault...

I wasn't really expecting them to win but i hate when they lay an egg like that. Especially against Manning. Oh well, Go Bruins! Countdown to Truck Day is on!

If then game.

If The Patriots had won, then I would have been carried through the next two weeks.

If the Patriots had won the Bud Bowl, then the parade would have carried me through the next week.

If I had gotten through the next week, it would be Truck Day.

If it was Truck Day, then Summer would beckon.

As it is, it is 5 deg F at 9:45 am, so not good.

welcome back, sdu, I hear they are frying eggs on the sidewalk in Melbourne. I know it's a long way from Sydney, but it's closer than us.

cue the cat.


Judge not the city based on a loudmouth asshole cornerback, lest ye be judged on your homicidal maniac tight end.

I grew up thinking "you lookin' at me?" was New Bedford for "hello". Have since learned that it's A-Rod for "play ball!"

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