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I was told there'd be no math

Are you there differential equation? It's me, Al.


"The Mathematical Universe Hypothesis… ultimately demotes familiar notions such as randomness, complexity and even change to the status of illusions."


So Dave Roberts steal and all the othah autotelic baseball moments, as Giamatti calls them in Take Time for Paradise, are just a paht of a math equation waiting to get worked out?


Hmmm... I dunno I still think I prefer the whole Chaos Theory thing.


Seriously. Somewhere in Africa a lemah fahts...


And 3 months latah a Spandexed Bobby Valentine pedals into Spring Training.



Oh, no then there might be something to those Futurama episodes with parallel universes in them. My Butler is an alternate universe sort of guy.
The thought of this Bobby Valentine in spandex made him swallow his Listerine!

I prefer, "I drink,therefore I am"

Good news, everyone! Thanks to a wormhole, we can now deliver packages to a parallel universe, so take this garbage and send it back to them before the wormhole closes. I also have this fellow that needs a ride to the parallel universe so he can play while waiting for his suspension to end in this universe!

I'm an aleph number. My RealDoll is a
set-theoretic intersection.

Speaking of numbers, pitchers and catchers in 32 days. Yes, 32 days. 31 if you don't count today.

I think the last panel is an affront to lemurs.

Lemur? I hardly even know her.

Old school:
anagrams to
Bovinely neat bumbler.



Is it lunchtime yet? I've got a craving for Pi. ;O (sorry)

It must be made of math because that theory is just a derivative of Douglas Adams' notion that the Earth is just a big computer intending to solve the answer to life, the universe, and everything (which happens to be 42).

On the other hand are philosophers who posit that the universe is constructed entirely of words. I vote for words.

I am not a number, I am a human being!

Who is number one? (Bobby Doerr)
You are number six. (Johnny Pesky or Billy Buckner, both of whom screwed up in a world series and were forgiven...)
Who are you?
The new number two*...(TBD!)
Who was number two in the Austin Powers series? And, why bother with that?
My boss is in thought, his daughter is asleep on my lap, purring. Life be good.

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