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Fox vs Bear

Is it my imagination or is this the slowest offseason evah?


Possibly, but the wintah aftah a World Series win is always going to be a denouement.


And how enormously awesome is it to know this from experience.




So Winter Olympics?


I'm enjoying the gamesmanship.




Wait, it hasn't stahted yet.


Oh it's stahted...


Forget your biathlon, forget your luge and your curling...


The premier event is Putin vs. The Black Widow.


Fasten the Ring of Steel!



Any chance the Black Widow might target figure skating?

That did not go where I expected. I was expecting the gamesmanship conversation to go into a Cold War II thing involving the gamesmanship over gays in the Olympics.

Although Black Widow is a awfully Bond-esque name for a female villain.

Yes,but what does the Fox say?? ;O

Curling can't start soon enough!

I hope the Black Widow wanders onto the biathlon course when Frenchy Martin Fourcade is behind his rifle.

Agreed, Mr. Pinto.

Mmmm... Curling!


How about she do an "up close & personal" with B. Costas?

Curling reminds me of the immortal Red Green, who competed in the Opossum Lake Briar, where "Every end was a beer end, and the winner got the left over beer and the loser had to scrape the remains of the case from the ice".

...only if Buck and McCarver go along for the ride.

I love watching (being hypnotized by) curling. Caught the US final qualifying match against the Slovaks(?) a few weeks ago on tv. After 2 olympics, I'm finally figuring out the scoring and some of the strategy.

USA-Slovakia curling? Oh, the spectacle, oh the bar tab both sides likely ran up. Wherever it was held is likely still dry.

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