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But the posting fee is a serious money penny.

While the ardent followahs of the Moneyball theory when collective puke when they hear what I'm about to say, I just can't help myself...


With a name like Tanaka the dude just has to be good.


Seriously. It doesn't so much roll off the tongue as does leap off the tongue with a karate chop to the neck.


It's a name right out of a Bond movie.


Yeah, I can picture the scene in M's office...


M: Our scientists, 007, have found that the recent so-called arctic vortex was not naturally occurring. Moreover, they've discovered an anomolous spike in seismic activity from a small island off the coast of Japan.

Bond: Tanaka!

M: Indeed, 007, that is our worst fear.


And if the Yankees sign him, please strap me to a table and castrate me with industrial lasah.



But Al,didn't Bobby V already do that to you back in 2012??

II certainly hope the Sox go after this dude hard!! All our starters are in their 30's several mid-late 30's. Need young arms and a young partially proven arm who throws heat first we just have to get him!

Once again, you have made my day. Thank you! Keep on keeping on!

Envision the bridge of a cruiser in WWII
Lt. (JG) Flunky: Sir, ten bogies coming on bearing 232, ten thousand feet.
Admrial (Who is John Wayne): Tanaka! Make to Henderson! Bogies at ten thousand, ten miles east of Cape Ballgame an' give 'em those bearings, an' keep 'em comin!! Come to general quarters!
Every officer: Aye aye, sir.
Admrial: (To audience, otherwise they'd lose track of the plot after dozing off...) All right Tanaka, your play.

If you can make head or tail of that then you are too much like my butler for comfort.

I think the old WWF used to have a wrestler named Tanaka who tag-teamed with Mr. Fuji. Not sure if he could pitch though.

The trouble with Asian pitchers is you spend $60M on a signing fee and then 6 or 7 years later you want to spend another $60M.

On the one hand, great talent, potential great arm in the quiver, continued focus of Japanese fans and their paddles. On the other hand, there's Daisuke and the feeling we took a national treasure and somehow the fire went out on us. But being in play drives up the cost for whoever decides to pull the trigger, so do it!


Professor Toru Tanaka, an obsession of my childhood, along with Marcel Cerdan,Johnny Rodz, Lou Albano(later managed Cyndi Lauper) and "Angelo Savoldi of Parsipanny, New Jersey" God, did I think Parsipanny NJ was a far-off exotic locale when I was 10. Mr. Savoldi died at age 99 last September.

More on Tanaka I remember him as featuring "The Sleeper Hold", but now that I read about him, he was the salt-in-the-eyes guy.

Great stuff, LC. Loved the salt-in-the-eyes move.

Irabu, Igawa, Matsuzaka . . . I'm just sayin'.

If he came here, he'd have a miserable home life (his wife wants to go West Coast) and his arm would explode after half a season of pitching and we wouldn't see him again for 15 months after Tommy John.

Ahh so. HB is brilliant today! Let Detroit take Tiger Tanaka. We'll keep Kissy Suzuki. YOLT.

What were the name of the twins in Austin Powers??

lc, Tanaka was no match for Chief Jay Strongbow, however. That's my story and I'm stickin' to it

Ah, we are forgetting the Sheik! The original salt thrower, back stabbing SOB, but then we go to Gorgeous George, who was copied by the WWF in "Adorable" Adrian Adonis, whom I drove to an airport with his mortal enemy George "The Animal" Steele, both real guys, that were good tippers, too! RIP guys.

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