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Thou doth protest...

So I guess it's now de rigueur for a depahting athlete to take out a full page ad in his formah city's newspapah to tell the fans how much it all meant to him.


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Just the guilty ones, Mr. Roy, just the guilt ones.


What was he guilty of?


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Bledsoe? Well, Bledsoe was guilty of not being Brady.


Ah... yes, there is that.



When I left New York, I ran a full page ad in The Post. It showed a pic of the homeless woman who shat on my stoop every morning. The headline: "Man cannot live on corn and peanuts alone. Plus, I love Boston, not this shitty burg."

Ah yes,peanuts and corn. Ocean effect snow here in Harwich this morning,I'm taking the day off ;O

...of course it was my day off anyway ;D

This made me snort. Nice one, H.B.

I never can understand how overwhelming greed can overshadow casting a legacy. Damon ruined his chance to forever be a golden god in the Boston sports pantheon by signing with the MFY. Ellsbury just did the same. ::shakes head:: Once you receive triple-digit millions, does the amount really matter?

I smell the Boras effect being proven. Again.
Boras Effect: Clients of Scott Boras (or wannabees thereof) take out full page ads in the city/market they are leaving to minimize the hate generated by their signing with the MFYs!

Look at this, Emi, the butler is awake. Perhaps his mind is functional. Then again, it probably isn't.
You humans and your self serving sophistry. Drop the bag in the dumpster (or tote) and just move along. Cats don't cry and neither do crocodiles.

If I ever leave this creepy community I'll buy a banner ad on the way out.

Hey folks, anybody know where you can order the steel grey hoodie sweatshirts the players were wearing during the World Series? Steve wants one and I can't find them anywhere. Thanks, Mrs. Steve in MD.

Mrs Steve:


design your own steel grey Red Sox Hoodie

perhaps start here??

My paper says that a local high school has an average of 3 shots per day within a mile of it (that is, guns going off - people do get hit at times, accidentally and on purpose). I figure my paper's local news is a daily banner ad on why I would leave.

Mrs. Steve, there appears to be several pages of Red Sox hoodies here:


Mrs. Steve, is this the one?

Hope Steve is larger than life

Someone should have taken out a full page ad to thank Mo Lewis for knocking Bledsoe out of action. Maybe it will happen when Brady retires.

@bwf, yes that's the one. (Not) unfortunately Steve isn't 4XL - and MLB stuff tends to run large so it's probably more like a 5XL.

@Bob, thanks. He did find something there he liked instead.

Mrs. Steve in MD.

Why would the Sox trade Franklin Morales for a utility infielder who can't hit?

Mrs.Steve,there's always the 2-pack of RS boxers ;O

I've already got tomorrow's strip written. That's the plus of the offseason.

I hope Steve in MD's boxers are in tomorrow's strip, h.b., because that'll be really funny.

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