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This is how a rivalry works

Hey, Callaghan, I think you lost something.


Well, I'll be damned, if it isn't Mahty Silvahstein...


I thought you had gone into the good night, Mahts. I mean how long has it been anyway? Oh, wait, I think the last time I heard from you was just before the Red Sox took the lead for 1st place in the division...


And when was that? Oh, that's right, they took the lead on Opening Day and kept it for all 162 and then right onto, wait for it... THE WORLD SERIES.


Don't try to change the subject, Callaghan.


What subject is that, Mahts, you ovah paying for a guy we loved but refuse to ovah pay?


Ellsbury is going to haunt you 19 times a year. Oh, it's going to be delicious.


OK, Mahts, I'm in a the magnanimous glow of being, cough, Champions of the World, so I'm going to grant you this: It does pain me to see Ellsbury in pinstripes...


But I tell you what, Mahty, it would pain me more if the Sox paid 7/152 for a guy turning 30.


Those that have the money, spend the money, Callaghan.


Sure, Mahts, but how's that working out for ya?


By my count, since Roberts stole second, the Red Sox have won 3 World Series while the Yankees have just the one.


And where I went to school, 3 is greatah than 1.


19 times a year, Callaghan.


Yeah, 19 times to watch Granderson outhit Ellsbury at half the price. Looking forward to it.


Rumors are not signings.


Granderson or not, you know we'll find a way to countah and for less. It's what we do, Mahts. Out thinking beats out spending, oh, I dunno, 3 times to 1 I guess. Hahahahhaahhaaaaa.



Bwaaahahaha! Go to hell, Marty. And take your little dog, Jacoby, too.

Granderson? I had not heard that rumor.

Granderson to the Mets is the latest rumor. And with fish as a bargaining tool, who could doubt it.

"Granderson met Sunday with Mets GM Sandy Alderson,during which time he enjoyed some salmon."

No hard feelings here. We got great years out of Beauty and he leaves for generational wealth. But this is not Fisk going to Chicago and the Red Sox regretting it. This might turn out to be ARod redux.

Too much for too little. No long tails here. As for AJP, he's a total dick, but whatever. scoreboard.

Love the typo in the 6th panel where "Ovay" is used.

It's all good.


We knew this was coming. Still sucks, but we'll survive. And I don't want Granderson at $15 mill per or whatever he is looking for, not for 30 dingers but 150 K's.

It's been a morning of typos. I was writing this one in a hurry as I had a late start... worse I picked up an Egg White Delight from McDonald's (I confess to loving the McD eggmcmuffin and the egg white one is easy on the cal counting so it's an occasional treat) and that thing was staring at me waiting to be eaten as soon as I finished the strip.

I'd personally rather take Shin-Soo Choo. He'll likely aim somewhere in between Ellsbury and Werth and dare not do something stupid like with Cano.

He's definitely got more power at the expense of a little defense and for once I'd like to see Boston's paranoia with Koreans subside since the days of the awful Kim Byung-Hyun.

My maid paid us a visit. She asked the butler about this Ellsbury character, He growled "The Sawx refusal to ovah pay p****s me off. But, f*****g Granderson is too slow."
The Maid wondered about Jeter. The butler laughed. "That dinosaur?, Please. We fixed them in 2004!"

I still don't get the bit.



Can't blame him for taking the money and the years. MFY are either desperate, crazy, or both. He'll average 87 games a year for the duration of this contract, I reckon.

Yeah Bill! Fuck off Mahhts.
I'll take the two rings w/ Ells and someone to fill in for awhile. Not sure JBJr is ready but in Cherington we trust.

McEgg White, huh HB? Hope you don't see that again today.

Boggs broke my 17 year old heart (he was my favorite player since I was 8); Clemens made flames of rage shoot out of my ears; Damon made me a tad wistful; Youk, merely a tiny blip on the emotional radar. I ain't even registering Ellsbury. I think it's that so many of the players I have fucking loved to watch in any WS run have been (what I perceived in Spring Training as) random pickups, not the "franchise" type players (with the notable exception of Papi, of course). So to the Sox I give my trust in their decision-making abilities (well-said on all that above, hb) and my giddy schoolgirlish excitement over the inevitable "WTF, Cherington???" signings this winter - guys will probably become true pleasures to watch by the stretch run. March cannot come fast enough, people!

And those Egg White Delight sandwiches are great. Makes my infrequent long-road-trip breakfasts feel both indulgent and virtuous. Tasty!

Hmmm, did my comments wind up in some weird nether region or is my stupid IE browser acting up again?

I can see you just fine Natalie.

And by you I mean your comments. I'm not anywhere near West 54th Street, I swear.

And if you are near West 54th, that is strangest and most ill timed coincidence evah. That was just the first street that popped into my head.

Screw Ellsbury...took the money not the team....Him signing with the Sox at a reported 5/100 or 6/120....I mean how much freaking money does one person need anyway? Does the extra year or 2 really matter that much? I think not...cannot spend 100 mil bucks unless you try really really hard.

fuck him and Ill be in the Bronx and at Fenway Booing the shit out of him

Another very selfish player...

couldve potentially gone down as one of the greats....hope he gets injured and is out for 2 years

My "boss" is really jealous what with Emi being here. Now, Granderson is not a Sox player. Shades of Crawford all over again. Granderson belongs back in Detroit, Anaheim or Dallas. (Yeah the team calls itself Texas, but that pisses off Astro fans no end, which includes a cousin that hopes to see her 'Stros win one before she dies.That should get them well into the 2030's...);)

COD, I lived on East 54th Street for a couple of years.

I do not see the logic in bringing Granderson on. Do we have a slew of outfielders in Pawtucket ready to go like we do catchers? Last time I checked I don't think so.

That's why I advocated Choo. I think we could easily wiggle a multi-year deal with him plus get some offensive firepower that in some games we really need.

I tend to agree with Natalie's comment; those were my feelings as well (okay I might be understating the fact that on this site I said that "Damon was dead to me" but I was still in my immature 40's then).

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