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Still waiting

Well, with the Amazon drone announcement you know what's coming, right?


Drones in Fenway delivering hotdogs and beer directly to your seat.




Ah, does this mean we'll have listen to voice of Siri saying "Beah, heah!"?


Or worse, the voice of Siri saying, "I'm sorry. I'm sensing you are inebriated. Can I get you a bottled water?"


All this yet *still* no sex robots.



I vote for the Japanese keg girls over the drones.

I predict the most delivered item by drone will be condoms.

I have no need to concern myself over automated food delivery. But it might give the Butler ideas. He wants to stay on his couch and yell "Beer me!" and get one or "Another shot" and then have his swill by his side. He is entirely lazy, even by my species standards.

RealDolls. That's the future of ballpark concessions.

Oh, BTW:

Red Sox & catcher A.J. Pierzynski agree to deal.

I've always heard that Pierzynski is one of those players you hate if he's not on your team, and love if he is. The first part is certainly correct - let's hope the second part is as well.

Farewell Salty!

we already have a drone. He does the radio PBP

...or the voice of Siri saying " I hope you brought the WD-40" ;D

My first instinct is to curse and say, 'Pierzynski? Really?'

Then I think about Gomes, Victorino, Napoli, etc and I shut up a little.

They loved A.J. in Chicago.

I'll miss Salty.

Is Ross coming back? I much preferred his playoff play to Salty's….

Yes. Ross will backup AJ just as he did Salty.

And now we can say goodbye to Jacoby. He just pulled a Johnny Damon.

I knew he would be leaving boston and I was hoping he would sign with Seattle. But the M-F yankees? Yuck. maybe ellsbury will catch the yankee injury bug.

Ouch, the Empire strikes. Hope he gets the Johnny Damon treatment at Fenway big time.

Why I must ask is the Butler burning a Sox t shirt in a garbage can lid? Emi is amused, I am not. I ask why is he burning a shirt? He glared at me saying "you don't get it, Chairman!" But, I got some nice liver snaps out of him.

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