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Not surprising

To anyone surprised by Ellsbury going to the Yankees I suggest you just having been paying attention. It's what the Yankees do.


Seriously. I mean I totally expect one day to come home and find a note on the countah...

Dear Mike,

I've gone to live with the Yankees.

The Dog.


Yeah, and then you'll be all, "You know I nevah liked that dog much anyway. He nevah really fit in around here."


Exactly, and good luck Yankees trying to walk that mutt around town on a leash... He's totally incorrigible.


And then six months latah you look out the window and see your ex-dog walking with Cesah Milan and your ex-dog's doing a perfect heel and Cesah's wearing a Jetah jersey.


Son of a fucking bitch!



It's all true. But at least I have my lifesize Gaga Doll.


Incidentally, the gaga dolls are the creation of Orient Industry in Tokyo, a company that specializes in "synthetic 'love dolls.'"

Dogs need trainers. I cite that as further evidence of feline superiority. Emi may need training, but no human can do what must be done. I should warn her that there is an element one can never trust within all you humans: money makes you switch loyalties, and turn on a whole "nation", burning bridges and starting shouting matches that end in god alone knows what. RECOGNISE OUR SUPERIOR CHARICTER, MISERABLE HUMANS!

Look who has been snorting "catnip". Wonder if I should tell him.

That may be the best Chairman Meow comment yet.

The Spankees would pick up a used ball-bag if it had been used by the Red Sox (and over pay for it too) ;D

Post-holiday bug. Holidays are nothing more than an opportunity to exchange germs with our extended families. Hence the phrase 'bah humbug'.

What!? It's just fait accompli that money trumps everything and/or that the free market is truer than anything else? What about all of the regret you here and see from ex-Red Sox player$ like Damon with the rest of their lives to lead and no team/Nation to be a part of. All of them (Pujols, A-Rod, Ellsbury etc.) will be in a greed purgatory entirely of their own making.

To be fair, I didn't see Ellsbury going really far anyway with the Sox given his injuries and his decreased extra base hit average. I think it'd be a good opportunity instead to not only foster development behind Bradley Jr. but also get some better contribution out of hopefully Shin-Soo Choo or Matt Kemp.

He's gonna hit about 30 HRs in
that joke of a right porch.

5 yrs/$100M versus 8 yrs/$169M. Assuming he declines like an average player (and with his injury history, he'll likely decline faster) this is really a question of $69M for the last 3 years versus what he/BoreASS expects he can get on the open market when he's 35 - and that number isn't close to $69M. He would have been cosmically stupid from a financial standpoint to stay with Boston. I just wish he had gone to Seattle.

A proper redsox is more like Tramp. A Yankee more like those skinny well bread got no character dogs on a leash that have to ask nicely if they can take a shit now that or if its not proper or.... Elssbury is fine. He is a traitor. But not quite the Benedict that Damon and Clemens were.

A new addition to the Sox bullpen:

//Mujica, a 29-year-old righthander from Venezuela, spent the last two seasons with the St. Louis Cardinals. He had 37 saves last season before the Cardinals turned the closer role over to Trevor Rosenthal.

Mujica has been in the majors eight seasons and has a 3.75 career ERA, with a 1.134 WHIP.//

On the Cano front, large ice flows of money are headed directly toward Seattle.


Oh snap,it's Friday.

I love that this blog is hilarious in the offseason too, and the regulars provide as good or better commentary. Dont ever stop being you soxaholix. Now what do I with my Ellsbury jersey?

Put it next to the toilet in case of spills.

I would argue that nobody holds a candle to hb as far as hilarity goes. Well, except maybe Bob. There are some great contributors though, that's for sure. Here's hoping hb takes the 10 year extension.

Looks like it is official:


10 year deal, $240 total. Nice work if you can get it. So can King Felix pitch every 3rd day and if he doesn't get the K, it is a ground ball to Cano. If so, then the M's have a chance. I lived in the Pacific NW in the early 2000's (before easy internet access and it was the "looney for Booney" years) so have a soft spot for the Mariners. Besides, Safeco is a really nice place to see a ballgame.

Nice salary. But he has to work summers.

That's a big hole at 2nd base in the Bronx. Kelly Johnson < Cano by far. Plus they have a punchless outfield - Soriano, Ellsbury and Gardiner aren't HR hitters (anymore, in some cases). They have no guarantee that Jeter or Teixieria will bounce back - especially Teix, as that injury is often a career-killer, and possibly no third baseman. McCann is good but at the point where catchers start to decline quickly, and their starting rotation . . . uhm, well, the fading Sabathia, the inconsistent Nova, and, uhm . . . They could be a biggest disaster than last year (I hope)

Maybe Knobby is available.


They can't hurt me anymore.

Well Granderson's off to the Mets for $60M. That removes him out of the Red Sox equation. I still think, platoon or not, Choo is a better choice over Kemp. Choo struggles more with LHPs but he's nowhere near as injury-prone as Kemp.

@yazbread, the summers in Seattle are AWESOME, just perfect for baseball and beer, so not a bad gig. And hey, the M's are usually done by the time the weather gets grey and rainy so Cano can go buy a Caribbean Island and then hibernate til spring training.

Gotta love it. Yanks up shit creek without a Cano.

Busy, interesting week. (Mainly for my Gaga RealDoll.) Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

"Seattle, concrete jungle where dreams are made of
There's nothin' you can't do
Now you're in Seattle
These streets will make you feel brand new
Big lights will inspire you
Let's hear it for Seattle, Seattle"...Jay-Z

Spankees get Beltran ;O

Skanks signed Beltran for THREE years. Will they never learn?

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