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My only gift to bring...

Happy Cybah Monday.


Sigh. What's the point?


Seriously, now that Papi's beard has already been sold all that's left is stuff nobody wants.


Frankincense? Gold? Myrrh? Really?


Rumpa-pum-pum, bitches.



I am not alone! BAH HUMBUG!

Papi's beard-ball went for $11,000. Hell, I'd sell my ball-balls for that much. Well, maybe one of them anyway.

I did all my shopping on Black Friday, from the comfort of my home office, while drinking. Standing in line is for suckers.

Bob. *I'd* sell one of your balls for $5K. I'm thoughtful like that. 'tis the season and all

Standing on queue is definitely something that is enjoyed only by the feeble of mind and wallet.
As for my balls? Can't touch that!

$5,000, AND I could have a career in music.


I'm back-the spirits have done it all in one night (they usually do) ;D

...at least to me ;O

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