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Hot Oven

Napoli back in the fold. Me like.


Fire up brick oven and prepare a seat for Al and anothah seat for Al's ass.


yeah, so much for stahting that paleo diet for 2014 eh, Al?


Look, if we were meant to live like cavemen, there wouldn't have been natural selection toward biggah brains of homo sapiens...


Or put anothah way, I think; therefore I eat pizza.



We like Dinosaur stew...with Mammoth bones...and Mastodon meat. ;D

...and again-Happy Birthday,SDU.

If anyone can find a better meal than medium rare prime rib, with mashed potatoes (butter and bacon bits for added flavor), without a salad to waste space and cause indigestion, HELL YEA!
Then, to wash it all down, a cold one or two...
Dessert? Cognac, SVP.

At my tailgates, the only things that aren't meat are the occasional buns. But once they soak up some juice, I classify them as meat, too.

I still haven't gotten over that awful catnip from the other day. The butler is dreaming of a "brontosaurus burger", whatever that is. I could use some basic yardbird, but it is too damn cold. The butler has put on his music, "Led" he muttered, then it got noisy, I shall dive under the divan, if Emi is not there.

Gronk out until Sept. No worries,Shad will nurse him back to health.Well,that and the Paleo diet.

Thanks Harwich. I was almost too busy to notice!.

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