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Gull gray

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Outages of power and internet and a dastardly commute have all conspired against me this morning. Let's try again tomorrow. It is December, after all, no need to push ourselves. Oh, and we are World Champions. We can do whatever the frig we want.



We can do anything we want? You're right! Let's exhume Boss Steinbrenner's body, make Soylent Green out of it, and add it to the Skankee Stadium luxury box menu. That's a decent start to the day, right?

1st place Celts-crush Knicks.Check.

1st place Bruins-take two.Check.

1st place Pats-'nuther miracle win.Check.

And what am I forgetting?
Oh yeah. Sox-WS Champs. Check.

Boston,relax. Brandy Alexanders all 'round today.

Well, for once, Mudville only has a coating of ice, with snow underneath. It is the wind that gets us. His Chairmanship is warm and livin' large within his own unique mind. Hibernating is viable in a crappy place like this. Now, unlike Boston, both Mudville teams are as awful as the weather. Emi has been z'd out on my shrinking lap, while I sip potent starter fluid, I think my coffee maker is not supposed to run the stuff four times. That is a formula for moonshine, but I like the effect on my Bokar!

Can I use this space to do a little parental bragging? It's not everyday the paper writes a feature article about your kid. My parents certainly never had the honor :) http://freelancestar.com/2013-12-09/articles/24379/spotsy-teen-has-lots-of-horse-sense/


That is so awesome. You must be incredibly proud.

And fantastic sport as well.

The bond between humans and horses is special. And your daughter seems especially tapped into it.

Wow, that's awesome, COD.

Thanks! When we took her for that intro lesson on her 7th birthday the idea was that she would get on the horse, probably get scared, and that would be the end of it.

Instead, I knew within 30 seconds that it was not going to play out that way. She looked completely at home on the horse.

Now if she can just parlay all this into a phat scholarship I may actually profit on 8 years of owning a horse :)

Very cool, COD!

But seeing Gronk go down, and hearing the agony from the on-field audio was chilling. He's going to look like Frankenstein by the time it's all over. I wish they would battering ram run the ball more often and not put the receivers & Brady in such prone positions.

very cool COD, congrats.

Clearly your wife has done a good job ;-)

Super story on your daughter. But horses? You have revealed yourself to be part of the landed gentry rather than one of the proles. :)

Congrats Chris to you and the Missus,and of course Delaney too. :)

Happy Birthday to our own SDU.

Good on ya'

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