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Do they know it's Christmastime at all?

So 1 in 4 in the UK will have sex in a cah at their office Christmas pahty.


No wondah Anglophiles nevah go out style.


Seriously. I know I'd look more forward to our annual gathering if there was a 25% chance for some sloppy, groppy, steamed window action in the back of my Camry.


People are so worried that they're taking the "Christ" out of Christmas, when what we really need to be concerned about is putting more sex into Christmas. Priorities, people.


You know, this is the kind of thing the robots will solve, right?


Yeah, you walk into the pahty wearing a velvet sportcoat and a robot greets you at the door, "Come with me, if you want to sex."


Speaking of you know they're making a Terminatah prequel right?


Yeah, a trilogy no less.


Let's face it, Terminatah movies are like middle relievahs, you can't have too much.



There's a War on Christmas Sex you know.

How do you fit 2 bathtubs in the back of a Camry,Al ???

You humans do not get it, do you? I have a problem. I annoy the butler and he sees to it. Or not.

1 in 4 sounds lonely. 2 in 8 sounds better.


I think their survey methodology is flawed - they take "as often as possible" as the high end answer, when it is probably the low end answer, as in "as often as possible, but unfortunately, not since I was 17". Regarding Terminator and Emilia Clarke (yum) I felt a lot better when I found out she was actually 22, not the 13 year old she played during the first season of GOT.

Shin-Soo Choo reportedly turned down 7 years/140 mil from the mfy. I guess he won't be coming to Boston...

Ya, working on the stupid year end poem that no one cares about. Went back and looked at last year's.

Made me feel pretty good about where we've come this year.
2012 Wasn't Good

Take any survey about self-reported sexual behavior with a huge grain of salt.

I am the "father" of 48 kittens/cats. NONE OF YOU HUMANS can equal that!
Ah, you there, I want a liver snap!

Considering what he just said, I'll give him one. Then Emi will get one. At least she will thank me.
We do not need the Terminator prequel. We only "needed" the original film. The rest is simple greed. The only sequel I want is another World Series in '14. I wanna do it taking the MFYs in the divisional series, Texas in the ALCS and, finally, the Dodgers! Probably won't happen, but oh, the party after that if they do!

how'd you know about my grain of salt?

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