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All is calm

The wintah meetings are quiet.


I am quiet.


It is a quiet time.


Unless you're the Pope. He's always got something to say.


Yeah, I heard aftah Cashman signed Beltran on top of $85 million seven years and $153 million to Jacoby Ellsbury, Francis called him up and said "If you're going to keep signing guys with one foot in the grave you ought to give Lazarus a look."



It's quiet...it's too quiet.

This pope is Billy Beane (moneyball) to John Paul II's Dave Dombrowski (Signed Price Fielder for massive simolians, then sent him packing and keeping him on the books to boot!)
Il Poppa decided not to attend the Mandela ceremonies, choosing to preach his teachings in the Vatican.

It was so quiet, one of the killers would later say, you could almost hear the sound of ice rattling in cocktail shakers in the homes way down the canyon.

I anticipate a small flurry of activity over the next 14 days....There are some pretty good FA left and no way the Sox will be on the sidelines...value has ben established, its times to use some coin

It's still pretty cold out, so how about a thought for our neighbors to the north -- the way the Calgary fans bathed Iginla with adoration was quite a thing to behold, as if there was no question whatsoever in their minds of booing someone like Ellsbury, Youk or Damon.

To Calgary fans, the Bruins aren't the Yankees.

The MFY seem to be loading up on DHs. There's a sense of panic around here as MLB dithers about the posting process and they realize that if the can't get their Japanese prize, they're screwed. Talk of shipping out Gardiner for a mid-tier picther - who would give that up for a .260 CF with no arm? I like our problems - too many starters, too many guys having too much fun celebrating their championship . .

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