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Smiling with the rising sun

Siri, set a reminder for Saturday: Wake. Bake. Parade.


Which sets up perfectly for brunch, munch, and IPAs.


Life is good.


Three little birds.


Melody pure and strong.



What a great song. I am not a real Marley fan but now that song is forever tied to the clutch, clinching hits by the Flyin Hawaiian himself. Sorry to mush on about it, but I am definitely experiencing Euphoric recall on an hourly basis.

A parade (also called march or marchpast) is a procession of people, usually organized along a street, often in costume, and often accompanied by marching bands, floats or sometimes large balloons. Parades are held for a wide range of reasons, but are usually celebrations of some kind. In Britain the term parade is usually reserved for either military parades or other occasions where participants march in formation; for celebratory occasions the word procession is more usual. In the Canadian Forces the term also has several less formal connotations.

Protest demonstrations can also take the form of a parade, but in such cases are usually referred to as a march instead.

Bob,you're so DEEP! ;D

TIL: Parade Candy Main page


Too funny,h.b. I just brewed up a World Series Champion IPA yesterday.Should get me through the cold winter months until Truck Day.

Tomorrow morning Boston should resemble Tokyo every workday.

I'd just like to ask any of you that work downtown today to take a break at 2 PM and go to the Bill Russell statue unveiling ceremony.

One unfortunate result of winning the World Series and planning a parade for tomorrow is that Bill Russell's return to Boston is being heavily over-shadowed with all of the other great news. This Bill Simmons article does a great job of discussing Papi and Russell in similar fashions and yet the different eras are going to leave Papi with different feelings about Boston than Russell has. It's a great article.

I wasn't a Bostonian when Russell played. Hell, I wasn't even alive. So I don't own the sins of the past (racism or omission). I'd like to tell Bill Russell that we are honored TODAY by his presence and his contribution to sports history even if that wasn't the case long ago when he last knew this town. We're never going to fix our past faults, but I feel like we owe him more and this statue is an honor nearly too long in the making.

Even though it's windy as hell and a bit rainy today, we should stop if we're able to and let Bill know he is appreciated as the legend he so rightfully is in the legacy of Boston sports.

Nice post Kaz

Absolutely Doc! Too often people forget in those dark days the Celts were the only team in town winning anything and that Bill was an enormous part of that.

Totally agree, Kaz.

Kaz, I walk by the statue site every morning. It's behind a wall of that green mesh stuff. But some covert peaking has shown me how cool it is.

Thanks for the post Kaz... and you are right it is an awesome article. I do remember those days... Living at K and Broadway in the 70's can give you an interesting perspective. About the same perspective when I moved to West Palm Beach and I had friends from Loxahatchee. Sad days in our country.

I just learned via Twitter that the unveiling has been canceled due to the wind. They are going to do something privately with Bill and then make it available to the public later afterwards.

I feel like we've failed to celebrate him as he deserves yet again, whether justified or not. I'm so disappointed.

I've found some of the best things via covert peaking.

You humans think we enjoy uncovering things. Curiosity is dangerous, and that "kitty toy" the butler obtained keeps Emi amused. That amuses me, but NO WAY am I going to compromise my dignity chasing that electronic thing. There isn't even catnip on it.

Thinking about getting up at 4am to drive up to the parade. Thinking about kids' reaction at being woken at at 4am for a 4 hour drive. Not thinking about trying to make the parade anymore. Enjoy, fellow creeps.

Some info on Papi's giant champagne bottle. It's a 15- liter bottle of Armand de Brignac Nebuchadnezzar Champagne, also known as "Ace of Spades". It's extremely rare and runs between $100k and $150k in the club scene.

Nebuchadnezzar? I barely knew her!


Brunch (Tigers), munch (Cardinals) and Nebuchadnezzar's...

From the "did you know" dept.--Nebuchadnezzar refers to the size of the bottle-15L. You can get one twice as big called a Melchizedek, and there are four sizes in between, my personal favorite being the Goliath.


Melchizedek? Sure, just don't bite.

Savor the victory! Exalt the names of Papi and Victorino and Lester and Lackey. Relish the third title in 10 years. Oh, and have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.


And @ yazbread yesterday. I know. You have no idea. I am sorry. !

Good grief, it seems the lot of you are sobering up all at once. Should have expected that, really.

Who expects dignity from a "prancing butler"?

Isn't there some high end coffee made of cat shit?

Kaz - great article. 100% spot on.

I'm still singing 3 little birds and smiling. The office mates are starting to wonder.

I can provide all the poop one desires. But, in view of the demand, It will be expensive.
The butler would rather ring a stadium in the Bronx in bags of burning excrement. He gave up noting that no one would notice.

re Gold Glove Awards, from SI.com:
"In the AL, it appears the Red Sox’ Mike Napoli, a converted catcher, was hosed. Napoli (+11 TZ, +10 DRS, +9.7 UZR, +5.1 DRA, +4.2 FRAA) rated higher in most places than Hosmer (+5 TZ, +3 DRS, +2.5 UZR, +0.5 DRA, +7.7 FRAA), and the Indians’ Nick Swisher far outdistanced both men in DRA (+15.1) and doubled up Hosmer in DRS (+6)."

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