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Probably going to take a little hiatus soon...

10 seasons of gathering around this coolah...


3 World Series Pennants...


My work here is done.


We're deci-sated.


Seriously, so where do we go from here?


I suggest lunch.



Catnip does seem to stimulate my appetite, so I can relate.

Hiatus: A pause or gap in a sequence, series, or process.

Pause or gap, HB. Please remember that.

In the meantime, thanks for everything. You've been as much a part of my mornings as Jameson Irish Whiskey.

Seriously, you're the best. Soxaholix has been a gift. And maybe it's too much to ask that it be a gift that keeps on giving.

That said, pause or gap, HB. Pause or gap.

What Bob said. I would truly miss my fellow creeps were this site to follow JD Drew into early retirement.

I don't live too far from Hyatis. ;O

How about some lunch, courtesy of Mahty Walsh?

There is a point when we all desire to leave a successful endeavor for a new challenge. If you want to move on, then go with blessings.
It's too early to offer a toast, but later? Ah, certainly. I Wonder what possessed the Chairman to gorge on his fancy feast salmon, anyhow?

I started following the Red Sox in 2003 when I moved into my first house in Liverpool (England, not NY) and we had a trial sub for NASN. I remember telling my wife that I'd have to subscribe for real if the Red Sox reached the World Series. You all know what happened to that request...but since then it's been mostly fun and games, and the Soxaholix has been at the heart of it. If this is the end, and I think it is, thanks for everything, h.b. It's been a blast.

Cold turkey 4 week before Thanksgiving. How dreadful.

What everyone else has said, h.b.

But sure what I'd do without this place to congregate and commiserate. Love this bunch of creeps like family. But whatever. Thank you for everything over the years. Selfishly want it all to continue.


Say it ain't so, hb!

I(we) defer to your wishes.


Completely understand the need to recharge. A return in time for truck day? Hopefully the occasional bookmark will appear. I have been thinking that the three series wins are nice but a real statement would be back to back WS wins. A couple of nice signings, the team stays healthy, .....

Nothing finalized other than taking a break...

I have an idea for a "refresh" of the basic premise but it will take some work to pull it off. If I were to go in this direction, it'd most likely mean a relaunch for Spring 2014.

Perhaps just do a once a week in the meantime.

Thinking out loud...

Enjoy lunch, don't forget your ostrich pillow for the powernap after...

One random though before the Return to the Dark Times...what happened to the Champagne Girls (like after ALCS 2004)? I missed them this year, maybe they only come out after 0-3 series comebacks...

okay- so new theory... h.b. is really Tommy Menino! He's taking retirement seriously and giving up his real job (this strip) along with that side thing he's been doing for the last 20 years. All those sports flubs- just to throw us off the scent.

really though, h.b., take it easy and thanks for another great year!

Given how you almost hung it up last year, I've considered this past year gravy. Delicious, hysterical gravy. Whatever you decide, thanks for the huge amount you've provided already.

Recharge, retool, go on a week long bender in Vegas, bring in some veteran guys with character. Whatever it takes, HB. I'll take a pause too and wait the return.

First decade has been dynamite. Can't wait for the next. Thanks.

Just take the hiatus, and maybe go to three days a week when you return (in April)--it's not about the 3 WS & ten years, it's about the strips--they are a perfect vehicle, hb.

Of course you could always have lc guest host....

What everyone else has said.

You deserve a rest!

You've always been the best, Hart. Living through the Golden Age of Boston sports wouldn't have been the same without the Soxaholix.

To each era its scribe.

I'd miss Soxaholix for the same reason as the guy who told me years ago that the Onion was the only news he ever read. Okay, exaggeration, I do read other news about the Sox, but Soxaholix is the best. Please keep it up.

please, please, please
do not go-o.

The question isn't whether or not h.b. will stop making Soxaholix but when. The other question is if he does, then does he discover he needs a creative outlet again for discussing the Red Sox? If he does, then what and where is that outlet and how do we all learn about it and will it allow comments?

Thanks for everything from a daily lurker!

HB, Thanks for everything. I will keep lurking to see what comes next.

What Betsy said :)

I'm here everyday. It's been an essential part of my Sox fandom since 2004.

HB, I've been mostly a lurker, too, over the entire decade. But the strip and the buncha creeps forming the commentariat between them managed to capture the essence of what it means to be a Red Sox fan, the lean years as well as the fat. My fandom started in 1946, so I have a lot more of the former than the latter. I wish Soxaholix had been around to help me through them. The closest analogue way back when was "Matinee with Bob & Ray" on WHDH radio when the games got rained out.

I hope you'll recharge and return, but if you don't, know that you really did something very special for at least one geezer-fan out there.

Another mostly lurker chiming in to say thank you very much H.B. for creating the strip and for providing a space for people's "inner creep". I discovered The Soxaholix in I think 2006(?) after NPR did a story about the strip and have been a follower ever since.

If do go on hiatus, maybe put up random strips from the past? Just a thought. I hope the Soxaholix continue in some form next season, if not, I understand and thanks for the humor, the wittiness and the space to vent about and extol our Sox.

Enjoy the pause and recharge h.b. The Soxaholix have made a fun ride that much better, especially for us RSN expats - it is so nice to know on a daily basis what the folks back home are thinking and feeling about the team we all love.


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