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Lisa to the rescue

Lisa the Temp:
Hey, peeps, long time no see.


Lisa the Temp:
Lisa's been busy debugging code for healthcare dot gov.


Lisa the Temp:
What you didn't know I had expertise in legacy, proprietary web development languages?


Lisa the Temp:
C'mon this 2013, peeps. It's not about what you can really do so much as what people think you can do.


Lisa the Temp:
And, you know, because, duh, crowdsourcing.


Lisa the Temp:
And randomly quoting Linus Torvalds.


Lisa the Temp:
And taking off this jacket and letting the girls have some air.



Aah,the girls-I like the cut of their jib! ;O

Sorry Nat,had to do it ;D

Lisa, dear Lisa. Screwing up without fear of being held accountable. Kinda like being President in one's second term.
No way we see her "girls" without paying dearly.

Say what?

If you look on the back side of your screen, you can see her girls.

Rack 'em up!

Harwich, way to steal my thunder. :) But it's okay: I like the cut of your jib.

Why am I picturing Lisa "airing the girls" out of the jacket and buttoned-up yellow shirt via the Demi Moore move from Striptease?

Rich, that's no jib, that's a full-on fo'castle

Arrr Matey. ;O

Cool SI cover:


Thanks Bob. Awesome picture.

This may have already been noted...

Full page ad in St Louis. Classy.



This may be the best Lisa strip yet

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