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Just rewards

Well, I guess it would seem greedy if I were to pout about Farrell not winning Managah of the Year.


And if you're going to lose it, losing it to Tito isn't all bad.


Still... seems a bit off considering what Farrell did in going from worst to first of all firsts.


I'm guessing the writahs felt Tito inherited a worse situation.


Which is anothah way of saying the 2012 Red Sox were so bad on account of the managah... but doesn't that conversely suggest that the new managah was the biggest factah in the turnaround?


Or are they suggesting that Valentine was so bad that really anyone could have stepped in and had the same success as Farrell?


To me that's absurd. I mean Valentine was the worst of worsts, but you don't get to the World Series by just showing up and not being Veet.


Agreed, but, you know, we are World Series Champions and nobody else is.


And the grapes sure are sweet.



Exactly, no sour grapes here.

Just sour livah snaps. ;O

There is no way that they would publically bitch slap Roberto Veets, after all he was a better talking head than manager, and writers never eat their own. (giggidy)

I love the two writers who left Farrell off their ballots completely. Actually, I'd love them more if they tripped in front of a train.

Liver snaps age in a manner no human can truly appreciate. The butler yaks about the virtue of aged whiskey, I shall yak about aged liver snaps. Rich gets it, but I bet he scoops up a liver snap as it approaches it's prime, before his cat or dog can enjoy it fully.

That arrogant cat leaves liver snaps all over my house, and the odor is, well...sort of like the 2012 Sox, the 1966 Sox, the 1965 Sox...

The Sporting News voted Farrell Manger of the Year. That is based on a vote of his fellow managers, not a bunch of BBWA hacks who've never swung a bat in professional baseball. I'd take more pleasure in that if I were Farrell (who wouldn't have won had he not taken my suggestion wrt Koji - http://www.soxaholix.com/tp/2013/04/one-if-by-land.html). Of course some others may have made the suggestion as well...

No Meow,the only thing that gets scooped in my house is the box. ;O

The clown from Seattle left off Farrell AND Tito. Way to pay attention to what's going on around you,buddy ;D

The dickweeds who left Farrell off their ballots can suck my grapes.

Congrats to Tito, who I love forever. But I agree with Steve - the Sporting News' selection probably means more than the hacks'.


Manager of the year... Exec of the year... Do these awards come with cash? A car? If not, who gives a rats ass because they are just one more thing to put in the cardboard box after you get the axe next season when it all comes apart. Just sayin. WS rings however? You can pawn those babies!

Congrats to Tito on the award. Congrats to Farrell on the ring. Advantage: Farrell.

Farrell= scoreboard

I would assume the manager's contract probably has a built-in clause for some extra cash in the event of winning the award.

A year removed from Robbie Veets. Relieved sigh.

Can you imagine that Drew might actually make more money than the $14 mill he passed?

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