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It starts with one man

I love this line from Gammons: "WAR me no more on Dustin Pedroia, there’s no quantifying him, or many elements in the game."


Seriously. Just when I wondah if unabated man crush on Pedroia is sliding into the realm of creepy, Gammons will come along with something to make me realize that rathah than man crushing too much, I'm really not man crushing enough.


"[Pedroia] pushed and prodded his teammates to take that daily 30-45 minute infield drilling... and impacted almost every teammate with his intense refusal to give in to any concept of losing..."


When you read that, can you imagine the angst Pedroia must have felt every fucking day of the 2012 season?


I'm surprised the sun didn't explode.



I even more surprised Dustin never bashed in Bobby V's pearly whites...

He's a once in a generation player. I'm doing my best to appreciate how lucky we are to have him. Half the MFY fans can't stand Cano because he has zero hustle (and wait until how much they'll despise him after he holds the MFY up for huge money and gets off to a slow start), regardless of his talent. The dude inspires me to go all out when I play hockey, and I like tot hink I'm just like him, less the talent. And with more hair. And about 8 inches taller. And no beard. and much less money. Yeah, really it's just the hustle, then.

But the other half of the MFY fans thinks Cano just looks like he's not hustling, because "he's sooo talented, he makes it look easy". I'll take a guy like Pedroia any time. Even the MFY fans I know respect him completely.

Pedroia is a throwback to the kind of players I watched way back when. When one turns up nowadays it's strange to the scribes, twitterers and bloggers, that never saw Yaz and Fred Lynn argue over who caught a ball where. Now, can we relax and just enjoy the greatness?

Hmmm. My Butler is moody, like an old human can be when provoked.

ya, still don't like him. like his game. i'm probably wrong.


My boss is a rabid MFY fan and hates Cano's Manny-like tendencies to not hustle. He says repeatedly he would take Pedey hands down.

He plays like his beard
Grinding to burst on to chin
So larger than life

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