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Executive decisions, clinical precision

I appreciate his brains and his humility in saying "This [award] is for everyone who works for us and went through a tough time in 2012, and committed to making things better, getting things right."


Yeah, big brain.


Way biggah than mine. I scoffed at the offseason moves featuring names like Victorino, Gomes, Uehara...


Are you kidding me? Those moves were so unimpressive to me that I actually have no specific recollection of them occurring I was so brain dead and bottomed out.


Yeah, this was me a year ago.


Thank you, Ben Cherington and the Red Sox organization for caring.



Now,let's keep that formula going.

That pool was chockablock full of people last year.


I am still basking in the moment. I think I can do that before the Chairman gets after me. Emi does not get after me, unless it's for what I have in my pocket. She's a lot like a first time eligible free agent, sniffing the air and looking to get noticed before Daddy gets involved.

Until I read that article, I didn't realize how dramatically run differential improved from 2012 to 2013 (-20 to +240). That's even more impressive than the difference in won/loss records, since it speaks to pitching, defense and offense. And to just how bad Bobby V. was.

You know what? I wouldn't turn down a $14.1 million qualifying offer. I'd take it, I just would. I guess I'm just that kind of guy.

@Bob, I'd take a measly $1.4 mil and retire after the season...

Nomar turned down $60 mil over 4 years. How did that work out?

All that, plus a name that could have been created by Charlotte Brontë. "Rochester, meet Cherington. Ben Cherington."

Cherington should get $14.1M!

I don't blame any of them for testing the market. All 3 coming off good years - why not see if somebody is willing to grossly overpay them for the next 4-7 years?

By the way, this is me taking a swing with an actual David Ortiz game used bat this weekend.


I also took 9 swings in the batting cage with a Dustin Pedroria model bat, and made contact all 9 swings. I think the last time I hit a baseball with a wood bat was Little League, back when Fred Lynn was still a Red Sox.

COD, are there any Sox who use ash now, since it is ungodly expensive? I had to do a repair and find matching hardwood for the door I had to fix- OUCH! It worked out to $125/ounce UNFINISHED. So, goodbye old door, hello new one. I ought to play Ash futures, forget gold or silver, man, Ash be where it's at.

Oh, shit, he's bitching about what things cost again. NO generic liver snaps or salmon, you cheap human!

I went through all the strips from November and December 2012 and found three questionable ones where the Soxaholix seemed to be shitting on Cherington's acquisitions a little. Link and money quote for each.

So much for the 'discipline' thing:

Mike: Shane Victorino?
Mike: Are you shitting me?
Doug: Yeah, I heard that and threw up my mouth.
Mike: Is Ben Cherington actually a zombie created from the brain of Lou Gorman?


Al: Hello Jonny Gomes.
Doug: Nothing like dropping $10 mil on a guy who just turned 32.
Mike: I dunno, Pinto thinks Gomes gives the Red Sox "a low-cost insurance policy on David Ortiz."
Al: Yeah, and if nothing else, we've really had a void in the bat shit crazy stomp the shit out of you department.

We don't need no stinkin blockbuster:

Bill: Hey, look the Blue Jays just got Jose Reyes, Johnson, Mark Buehrle, Emilio Bonifacio, and John Buck...
Bill: But the joke's on them because we got John Friggin Farrell.
Bill: Hahahhahaha....
Doug: That's right, bitches, Ben Cherington is the fucking man with the fucking plan.

There was also a rather balanced discussion about Dempster and a weird Christmas headline about Uehara, but nothing negative.

Is 'Big Brain' a veiled reference to 'Big Bri', one of our favorite scalawags?

Well done da kine. As usual, I have absolutely no memory of having written any of that.

I think I may be the zombie created from the brain of Lou Gorman.

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