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Don't rush past this

So I'm down in the mailroom this morning and there's this kid there who asks me, "So, guy, what are your hot stove wishes?"


And I'm like, fercrissakes kid, aftah going through 6 weeks of spring training, a 162 game season with games that establish their own rhythms and patterns independent of clock time, and aftah being fortunate enough to furthah buffah the passage of time of time by having a postseason run that forces and forges the ultimate coherence of total and absolute victory, aftah all of that you're now ready to just cast it all aside and wondah about "what's next?"... Are you a fucking retahd or what?


Seriously how can you think about a hot stove when the newness of spring, the blossoms of summah, and the mists and mellow fruitfulness of autumn are all still in our hahts?


I don't even want to think about next year when I'm still early in to celebrating fully this year.


Absolutely. This isn't some value meal you pick up at the drive thru and devour mindlessly while driving to your next destination...


This is a sumptuous feast that stretches on and on to be savored to its fullest.


And I for one plan to be a glutton.


Swell the ghords.



Is the kid's name Boras?

Thanks BWF.:)
I am still into enjoying fits of euphoric recall.
I can watch the highlights forever..
But I can't top this:

It IS a feast. And somebody ate Napoli's shirt.

This might run a close second vasoxfan.


...yeah but here's hoping Cherington does not go all gluttony and resign Ellsbury for a chagillion bagillion--yes they were Boston Strong, but there were also a lot of guys in contract years, or in short contracts & hungry to prove something.

My fellow Soxaholix beat me to it: I felt sure the sumptuous feast (or at least the swollen gourds) would be hyperlinked to Napoli shirtless, because hrrrgghhhhnnnn, salt yum.

So I'm finishing up lunch on Friday and I get an email from a co-worker that says she is bagging the rest of the day to go north for the Rolling Rally. It took me about 10 seconds to figure that I had nothing more important to do the rest of the day. Told (er, asked) Mrs. Steve in Md to pack light, but pack quick. We hit the road for the 8 hour trip north, caught 5 hours sleep and then headed into town. Stood on the corner of Standiford and Cambridge for 2.5 hours, in order to see the Rally roll by for about 15 minutes. Then turned around and made the trip back to MD, since we had something else to do at 9 am Sunday. Was it worth it? Hell YES! What a great time that I'm going to savor for a good long while!

That element of the populace that has started to assault us with fucking Christmas muzak,(Thanks, Lewis Black) and already put the Sox 2014 schedule out (They couldn't wait until after the Series is over?), and many more similar outrages should be publically flogged or made to watch TMZ or MSNBC in an Amtrak coach seat.

My sister shared this prayer from her church in Acton: Red Sox prayer of thanksgiving.

By Church of the Good Shepherd, Acton (Episcopal) · Updated on Sunday

God of Life and sport,
We give you thanks for the Red Sox World series win;
For a safe and harmonious parade where banners held high
spoke of the virtue of shared hope realized and celebrated.
We give thanks for the resilience of the team, the fans and the city.
May this strong bond borne out of suffering and redemption
be a reflection of your desire for healing and renewal
in our Commonwealth.
All these things we ask in your name.

A friend of a fried (of the imaginary internet variety) posted these awesome photos from the rolling rally. http://sittingstill.smugmug.com/Celebrations/Red-Sox-Parade-November-2-2013

I agree that in an ideal world, I *would* have linked up Napoli shirtless to the "glutton" part.

But part of my basking in this World Series glow is that I don't even want to read much about it. For me, it somehow depletes my joy to know too many details about what is going on. I totally missed the Napoli thing.

Great pics,COD. I wonder why Orsillo is wearing a suite 4 sizes too big? Could it be that he partied so much the days before the parade that he had to borrow somebody else's suit?

Oh, never mind. That's his overcoat. Damn. Would have been nice to have some Orsillo gossip.

The shot of Don was OK, but I was looking at Jenny Dell, who looked nicer than usual.

What does one do with a duck boat, once one gets it home?

I think Peavy lives in Alabama. He'll probably make some Duck Boat calls and go Duck Boat hunting.

@sdu: I was imagining him parking the duck boat in a toney Boxborough neighborhood driveway...

Speaking of rolling rally, the Comcast presentation shown on mlb network... The two retahds giving the play by play made Joe and Tim look like friggin emmy winners. It actually added hilarity it was so bad.

Well,I can't speak for any of my fellow creeps but I know I'd a helluvalot rather party with Mike Napoli than either of the Drew brothers. Just sayin'

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