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Congratulations to David Ortiz on his sixth Silvah Sluggah award.


Yeah, but why silver? I mean shouldn't it be gold or platinum?


Actually, now that you mention it, Ortiz himself is more precious that the precious metals.


The next element added to the periodic table should rightfully be Ortizium.



Ortizium is strong enough to coat bunker-busting missles, yet sensitive enough to be forged into wedding rings.

Strong yet sensitive,that could only be two people-
Papi and Ditka. ;D

Richie Incognito need not apply. ;O

Ortizium would be the MacGuffin in a WWII novel where the SS and the OSS are running around in a jungle looking for the metal that would make it possible for whomever finds it to build a jet that will win their country the war (or not...).It'd be a great movie. Oh. Never mind...

Ortizium would be illegal in MLB,(*and other leagues) but I would find it in my multivitamin supplement.

Cmdrflake, the movie has already been made. "Notorious."
The McGuffin was uranium ore(tiz).

Ortizium is in the Ark of the Covenant. Don't look at it, Nazis!

Best version was the one with Cary Grant and Ingrid Bergman (who was what the Brits call "right proper" in '46) and directed by Alfred Hitchcock. Download this ASAP.

Ortizium (Oz), wildly popular in SDUland.

I thought in terms of "Raiders of the Lost Ark" et al...
"Ark of the Covenant" and "Raiders" can't hold a candle to Hitchcock's "Notorious".

Still sort of wishing we had named our now 7 year old girl, Poppy.

To be honest, it was Indiana Jones and the Fate of Atlantis video game that came to mind. But "Think of BOMBS!" was too geeky even for this site...right?

The idea of Papi being made of metal is an Ore Tease.


NO way she is seven:

nice one, Kaz

SDU, OMG they were so little!

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