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Won't be easy


The best two teams in the league square off, appropriately so.


It's The Athens of America vs. The Mogadishu of America.


Ouch! That's rough even by my standards.


Well, what can I say...


One city is famous for its top-tier universities and has the most book stores per capita of any city...


And the othah city is famous for decay porn and has the most abandoned, feral dog packs than any othah city.


Yeah, and we're gonna have to fight like dogs to win 4...


Sanchez, Scherzer, Verlander, Fistah
Sanchez, Scherzer, Verlander.


Indeed, it's ominous.


Seriously, you know they want to open with a Sanchez and close with a Fistah.


Well, who wouldn't?



Detroit fan here - looking forward to a great series. Have always had a lot of respect for the Red Sox, and they played superbly well this year. As much as I love my hometown Tigers, I have to admit my gut says the Sox pull this one off. Not easily, but I think they eventually do, and go on to brutalize whatever poor team the NL puts up. I feel like the Sox are just that little bit deeper with the bats, and that's going to end up making the difference.

Still, I think we can all be in agreement: FTFY, now and forever, amen. Here's to a classic series. :-)

Don't forget the former Detroit mayor who just got sentenced to 28 years in the pen. Speaking of pens, I think the Sox have a fairly big advantage there.

We need the offense to make an effort to foul off 8 pitches each at bat so that we can get into the bullpen by the 6th inning each game.

There is another point. These games will be running four hours--average.
Too bad we can't use the SAP button to get Don and Eck (or whomever) over the Fox guys. I have nothing against them, but...

Being mayor of Detroit is an offence in and of itself, isn't it?

Boston=Captain Phillips.

Last year at this time it was Boston=Captain Queeg...

Oh,that Dirty Sanchez ;D

Why was Orsillo yelling all the time on TBS?

@Chip: Maybe TBS was telling him if he didn't yell he wouldn't get paid?

I'm skittish over this one especially considering how much an effort it was to just get two runs off Scherzer. And as nice as it would be to see Inglesias again we can't have a Buchholz like we did in Tampa. This is a no mistake series.

He's been taking lessons from Tom Caron...

...or had some of what Jerry's kid was on ;O

Does Buck Martinez make anyone else crazy? Could he just shut up once in a while?
Also, actual quote: "The shadows are shining in." Just. Stop. Talking.

Sorry, all. I know a few days ago I didn't know if I might have a ticket or two for the game, but it looks like my friend and his dad will make the drive from Toronto in time to see the game Saturday.

Also, he's moving back to Boston...but it sounded funnier if I made it seem like he was driving 9 hours just to go to the game.

I can see the story line now. The Tigers become the 'Saints' and attempt to heal the city. If the Tigers go on to the WS, maybe it will run late enough and the flames of Hell Night can provide a nice backdrop. Baseball fans have long memories. Here comes the payback for the 1972 season.

yaz, do you remember that silliness of 2007 when the Colorado Rockies' owner said that his team was "God's team?"

Yeah...well that ended up being quite the punchline.

Just remember that the redsox kicked the crap out of the tigers about a month ago. It can be done. Farrel has me nervous though - not sure he doesn't have a little Grady in him.

Ok, but I still wish Carl Crawford's bookstore was still open.

(Sorry hb(


Okay, here we go. Follow all verbal instructions given by ride operators or provided by recorded announcements.

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

Let's go Dodgers! *clap clap clapclapclap*

I just want a "Red Sox East versus Red Sox West" World Series.


thought i was watching fox when the nlcs started and all the players in their intros were talking about their nationalities... now fox will have to outdo that -- so expect sox players to each say how many guns they own, and what their effective tax rate is... as for orsillo, no major objections, though his habit of always talking about things that just happened as if he's somehow predicting the future ("coco crisp will catch the ball for the third out" or "cabrera will take a third strike") gets a bit tedious... perhaps a tic he picked up from local tv broadcasters, who in the 11 pm program always say something is happening "tonight" even though it happened earlier in the day...

Yes Pablo, I am in total agreement regarding Buck. The only person worse is McCarver.

Unfortunately in Canada we are subject to too many BlowJays games and we get to hear Buck's annoying voice far too often. That is, if I watched BlowJays games

We also get to hear that great(!) former catcher Greg Zahn on one of our national sports networks criticize currently playing catchers like Salty for not framing the strike zone properly etc. Jaysus Greg if you had any knowledge about the position you would still be playing.

Tim mccarver. My ears are bleeding

poop smear.

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