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The sound of things falling

Ah, so that's how it feels to lose a World Series game, I had forgotten.


It feels like the sound of things falling.


Hey, but look on the brightside. Thanks to Buck and McCahvah you now know everything in the world about Michael Wacha.


Yeah, I mean I'm so fucking happy to learn that Wacha 2nd-youngest Cardinals stahting pitcher in World Series history, trailing only Paul Daffy Dean.


And he went to Texas A&M. And OMFG did you hear he's a rookie?!


Thanks to Fox, I'm now so intimate with the Wacha's mom, dad, and awkward-stage sistah that I'm wondering if I need to add them to Christmas gift list.


Do you have any idea how much it pisses me off that Wacha gets the win aftah leaving the game losing it?


If not for the "uncharacteristic" play we win this. So my takeaway is we can beat Wacha, we can beat Wainwright, we can and will beat the Cardinals.


I can cling to that.



After Papi hit the homer, I thought there was no no no no f-ing way the Sox lose. Because Ortiz is taking over this series, and that homer (and a win) would just be another historic feather in his hat.

Then the corn and peanuts hit the fan. Now everything I believe about momentum and destiny is shattered.

At least until Saturday.

It's no wonder you never see Buck and McCarver below the waist. You'd see some really worn out kneepads.

It's no wonder you never see Buck and McCarver below the waist. You'd see some really worn out kneepads.

That's what my butler said. ;D

Thanks, hb, I knew nothing about Waka until reading the strip, with the DVR, slipstreaming with the WEEI feed.

My life is now complete.


My, my I seem to be an arbiter after a fashion, with other creepy bloggers arguing with or bitching about their domestics. My domestic is very surly this day. He is calling my daughter Emi. I concur. Don't tell him I do, it might get him rebooted.

I just hope Breslow got that out of his system, though if Gomes makes a better throw home on a shallow fly ball then Papi and Lackey (Lackey!) are our heroes.

Not only is the commentary from the ESPN Radio feed 1000X times better than McCarver and Buck, I didn't hear one fucking political commercial during the game last night.

Last night's game is fate's reply to our arrogance talking about a World Series winning streak. Now that this is behind us we can get back to baseball. Win; crush the bleeding birdies in the home of the Bowling Hall of Fame, fried ravioli, and Bob Costas.

Not sure if that's your specific reference, h.b., but "The Sound of Things Falling" is a terrific new Colombian novel by Juan Gabriel Vasquez about Post-Pablo-Escobar-Stress-Syndrome on a national and individual level. That's the country that gave us Edgar Renteria, Orlando Cabrera and, of course, Juan Valdez.

Yeah, that was my reference. Great novel. Terribly sad. Indeed, so sad that I actually don't recommend it to people despite it being brilliant.

I think Breslow was just in a funk over never being in a World Series. He'll get out of it. At least it wasn't Franklin Morales. Farrell learned that lesson already. What bothers me more is the doom and gloom friggin' Jackie MacMullan is pulling in ESPN.

My only quarrel is Farrell leaving Breslow in to pitch to Beltran, after his errant throw he looked pretty rattled.

I have noticed Farrell not showing an even keel with pitching decisions. I don't know whether he cares more about their sentiments or is just generally unsure. I mean Morales twice with Detroit was awful but this was just confusion...

Did anybody else think the runner may have left the bag early on Gnomes errant throw?

Awful loss last night. Could have put the proverbial boot on the throat. I don't think St Louis is better than Detroit or even Tampa. Sox can still win this.

Lets focus on the positive (now that I'm on my third Balvenie)
1. While everyone is calling the Birds so fundamentally sound, Breslow did a pretty sound job backing up Salty;
2. Papi broke the hex with PacMan (wacha wacha);
3. Drew almost got a real hit;
4. Lackey is mean and nasty and ready for Game 6;
5. Tazawa and Koji did their jobs;
6. Peavy will show up.

h.b. said:
Terribly sad. Indeed, so sad that I actually don't recommend it to people despite it being brilliant.

Sounds like a description of being a Red Sox fan back in the day.

Let's not forget: The balladeer of the Berkshires rode roughshod over the bimbo from the Bronx.

And in the bottom of the 5th with the Sox trailing 1-0 and a lead-off waslk to Salty, what's with Farrell having Drew trying to sacrifice only on the first pitch. I love his defense but he needs to move Saly into scoring position there. I think that's pretty basic stuff.

By the time we reconvene, will the Sox be up 3-1? The Cardinals? Or will it be tied 2-2?

Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on 3-1day. I mean Monday.

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