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Tasting Eden's Nectar (and doesn't take like chicken... or beer)

You know the last time the Red Sox won a World Series at Fenway? Wait for it... 1918.


Hmmm... that year sounds oddly familiah.


Fittingly last night ESPN premiered Four Days in Octobah.


Best documentary evah.


You know watching it I was *still* astonished when Roberts stole second.


Seriously, watching those extraordinary four games unfold again I finally think I understand what Faulkner meant by "It would be nice if you could just ravel out into time."


Those four days in Octobah are forevah raveling out into time.


And we are forevah extant in both moments, the cursed epoch befoah Roberts steals second, and the infinite paradise evah aftah.


We are a lucky people... We have been sanctified.


And tonight we release the Lacken.


As it is written, so it shall be done.



Cursed epoch indeed. Did that really happen?

Nicely done, h.b. Let it breathe.

Not to get all Jack Kornfield and Eckhart Tolle on the creeps who reside here, but… savor today. This is one of the few times of a human’s existence when you immerse yourself in the sheer possibility of joy. What can happen?

RS win. That’s good.
RS lose. There’s a Game 7.
In short, we are in that Golden Time, made sweeter by the fact that it will change, for better or worse, tomorrow (thanks to 3:30 commercial breaks), but nothing can change today. I, for one, think that is pretty cool.

But…this just in…I received a message in the cold dawn hours (and it is ass cold up here today) from, wait for it, Johnny Gomes’ inner voice. In truth, I have been channeling it for the last three games, and, to date, Mrs. lc is the only person who has shared in this experience, but now I will share it with you, for it will change the way you view the game. It goes something like this:

Johnny Gomes’ Inner Voice (JGIV): “Time to get up to bat”
Joe C.: “And here comes Johnny Gomes to the plate”
JGIV: “feet, feet, feet, tap, tap, tap, shirt button, shoulder, bat handle. Fingers. Fingers. OOOOh forgot the helmet. Take it off. Push it back down. Screw it left. Screw it left. Screw it left. Now right. Now left. Now right, right, right. Now left. Twitch bat. Screw helmet down. Down farther. Pull bat back. Yank.
Joe C: “Strike one.”
JGIV. “feet, feet. Shoe. Mouth, beard, Elbow, elbow, take off hat, screw back on. Screw down right, left, left, left, right, left, right
And repeat.

See you in the Series.


Thanks LC, he beats Nomah in the bat prep twitching contest.

Please win tonight. A Game 7 is enough of a crapshoot, and then you add in Peavy and it's just f-ing too random. Please win tonight.

The butler is pacing about my house, looking more worried than ever. He is muttering game six over and over, shaking his head. Now he's off to the store, hopefully for liver snaps or perchance some decent canned food, like salmon. No house brands, SVP.

I stumbled across the documentary last night, too. It still brings tears to my eyes.

Let's give McCarver a Sox win to take to his grave.

Thanks, lc; that was very cool. Notes from fake animals that seem to be the Moral Equivalent Of a bunch of kissy-face selfies (looka me! looka me!)-- not so much. Go Sawx.

So according to Howie Carr, President Obama is dithering over whether or not to show up for Game 6 - see http://bostonherald.com/news_opinion/columnists/howie_carr/2013/10/carr_we_already_met_our_knucklehead_quota

Question - if he does, how loudly will he get booed?

Just go win tonight. That is all.

Love you, Sox.


I'm a musician. I booked a gig a few months ago for a Wednesday evening at the end of October. The day is here. I will be onstage 7 to 9 PM Mountain Time. Sigh. Still, hoping to end it tonight, as I REALLY don't want Peavy to have anything to do with it the rest of the way...

Hopefully I can get to a TV in time for the last couple of innings.... GO SOX!

Howie Carr is a tool (and he didn't use Dr. Leonard ) ;D

Win and end it. Don't play around, don't make it dramatic. Just club the hell out of the rookie and put it away early.

great strip as always h.b. I know you were thinking about hanging it up last year, what with the Friday's off and all, and again this spring- but this crazy ride of a season wouldn't have been the same if I didn't have a place to come and read (and lurk) every.

Go Sox! Let's close it out tonight and stay away from any game sevens. Some idiot once said that you can't tell what would happen in them.

@RonF: Considering he's a Chicago fan who by nature hates St. Louis, I don't see how or why he'd get booed.

A normal Fenway crowd should boo Obama, as they have money that Obama wants to confiscate..er..redistribute ala Robin Hood.

Bleep! He went to the liquor store. He is hoping game 7* is rained out so Lester can go on normal rest on Friday.
(*If necessary)

Yeah I'm going to have to pass at the notion he's a socialist. And considering New England's rather Democratic lean I still don't think you'll get that. Plus he doesn't like the Cardinals, so that also means something. The Boston Herald complains about Democrats all the time but you don't see it anywhere else where I am...which is Boston.

Ever tried
Ever won
No matter
Try again
Win again
Win better

Go Sox

Win Today, For In Peavy We Do Not Trust.

The deep irony from here is that we are going to a concert in NYC this evening that starts at 8pm. However, I recently discovered Professor Thom's on 2nd Avenue, so the minute the show is over we will be rushing up there to catch the last half of the game. It's a little bit of Lansdowne Street in Manhattan, and it's going to be rocking. Go Sox!!!!

Go Sox!

And I was only 30 wins short in my prediction for this year...

Dropkick Murpheys at Fenway tonight.This town will be rockin' ;)

Looks like the band is back together.


@sdu. Must hear from OZ. Hope that thing you were going to do won't interfere.

I'm with HunterStars. Thanks for the crazy ride h.b.

I work with a bunch of geeks, many of which are not locals and fewer of which are sports/Red Sox fans. You are my secret sports media man crush.

Love you too Natalie but that's in a more standard creepy old guy way.

I will soak up the atmosphere as I walk through Kenmore Sq after work tonight, get on the train and head home to the wide screen. So close but yet so far.

Don't like the karma of Lackey holding a grudge against Sox fans, and/or President Obama getting booed at Fenway Park. It's going to be enough of a grind in Game 6 and hopefully not Game 7--the next two Cardinal starting pitchers beat Boston in games 2 & 3.

Pretty much what HunterStars & Rudi said. Plus a few really sketchy lookin' whiskers on chin. Plus if we can't rearrange at least a few molecules in the tv room soon, it's gonna be a superfund site.

Prediction: If Obama shows up at game, Sox lose Series.

"This is our f*#@ing series and nobody gonna......."something like that right?

Wainwright won a Gold Glove yesterday. Karma's a bitch.

Yes, hb, what others have said, and todays was a beaut.

lc, love the "possibility of joy" comments--so true.

About the Sox chances? As a wise man in 2004 said, "Believe it!"

Skip has made some interesting moves in this series, pitchers hitting in late innings etc.... Would it be "crazy" to start Papi at 1rst and dh Napoli? It looks like fielding has made Papi more engaged then I've ever seen, hitting, dugout pep talk huddles even busting it down to first . Just saying...

I too am hoping for the Sox to win it in six. I'd be okay if the game goes to 2 am to make that happen.

I'm kind of scared by the pitching by committee(some Peavy, a bit of Dubront, Bucholz?), all hands on deck, piecemeal approach that would be our pitching in game 7.

Nice reverse gooch,h.b. ;D

A thought. Lose tonight, then pray for rain Thursday and Friday. Lester on normal rest Saturday. Lights out.
My inner Papi says, Win it in OUR fucking house, guys! THIS IS OUR HOUSE!!

Right after I posted the remark above, I get a call from my Brit Gal Pal, She had been to accountant* and put 100 quid on the Cardinals. Nice reverse gooch. Sox win, 100 quid gone, no big deal for her. Sox lose, she gets 350 quid before taxes and fees cut it to 90 quid.
* There are two kinds of accountant in the UK traditional accountancy (See Monty Python skit, "Chartered Accountancy". 40 years later, still a gut buster)and "accountancy", meaning Betting Parlours, including sport books. BTW: Over there the Steelers are getting 3.5, over/under 38.5. Just saying. These numbers are not Vegas numbers, no Steeler Nation bias, Sox to win tonight is at 3:3.5 i.e. 'pick 'em.

HunterStar says it all -- this season without h.b. -- don't even want to think of it. Campfire in the backyard, plenty of Sam and listen to Joe on the radio --no the bush league Fox TV twins. And speaking of bush-- Natalie, thanks for your effort!

Gawd, the only thing Obama can screw up tonight is the traffic--use the backroads of Brookline.

@lc - god bless you, sir I have been on top of the whole playoffs notwithstanding certain obligations*

10 year old 'sox fan excited.
mrs sdu sanguine.





Reporting in... Tim and Joe hate the redsox and love the taste of the cardinals' bats. Not even attempting to disguise any more.

And now they just sound resigned. If cards come back they will piss themselves with glee.

Boston's gettin' rowdy tonight, bitches.

Glory! Joy! Wonder!


Beard. 3.30 in the mornin'. Worth it. Beard.

Golden Times


Believe it! So happy right now. God, I love this team!

"Don't worry about a thing,
'Cause every little thing gonna be all right."

Everything is indeed alright in boston and in my little corner of the world.

What a team! Gritty, hard-nose, never quit attitude.

From Veet to Victory in one year, how far we came. AMAZING. So thrilled to have had the Soxaholix community here for this incredible season. Love you guys, love this team. Thank you, Red Sox, and thank you hb.

Alleluia, Alleluia! Lacken 2013 - best resurrection since JC!

This puts whatever remaining bugaboos, fears, shitty memories to bed.

YEEEESSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!! Time to go on a Vegas Bender!!!!!!!!

Very to Victory. TM.

Well you know what I meant.

Enjoy this one, creeps! What a great way to close it out. I love this team. I love baseball.

When do pitchers and catchers report? Let's win two.

I am beside myself with JOY! My knuckles are bleeding from knocking every time Joe C or John R. said "The Red Sox are x outs away! Have to admit I saw the ghost of the Bambino rising behind the grandstand in the 7th, but Taz kicked his ass back to the Bronx.

When's Truck Day?

It's certainly a great time to be a fan.


There is one serious party going on in a creepy corner of Mudville! My boss is looking at me like I am some sort of weirdo. He is confused. I won't need to call "Confuse A Cat, Ltd!" YESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!

My butler is out of his mind, IF he has one, that is.

Still can't believe this one. Karma was so bad the last two years, turning it around so quick...incredible job. The heart of the team really 'gets it'...Pedroia, Papi, Lestah. The stats will also be mind-boggling, so many strikeouts - sabremetrics will be frying their supahcomputahs trying to figure it all out. Difficult to commit to this team until the Spankee series when Naps hit the slam. From that point, it was true love, no turning back. Faith rewarded.

h.b. - please don't hang up your strap just yet...

Wicked fuckin awesome.
Too amazing!!!
Celebrate creeps!

Thx HB

From my side of the continent to yours....Believe It!

...and yes h.b., going out on top is alluring, but there are golden soxaholicx rings on the horizon for you to still grasp...Just sayin', you love us creeps!

Or if I had not been having copius celebratory drinks, it would have read, "soxaholix rings"


It's been one long party since April and it's ended in the best possible fashion. Well done Sox.

I can't believe it's over. What a ride! Congrats Sox!

Gillette stock just went up because of all the shaving going on in Boston.

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