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Safe and sound at home again

Have you seen Papi's triple slash aftah 5 World Series games?


Oh. Em. Fucking. Gee.


Yeah, and then there's his play in the field: Ortiz just played 3 nights of textbook defense at 1st.


Seriously. #beastmode


And Lestah?


7.2 innings of 4-hit, 1-run, seven-strikeout, putting Wainwright in the rearview excellence...


Who then turns the ball ovah to hasn't walked a guy since August 3rd Uehera for anothah nonchalant 4 out save.


Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, the magic number is 1.


Remembah Farrell's plan going into the World Series? Win at least 1 of 2 in Boston, win the series in St. Louis, and get at worst a split in Boston.


Mastah and Commandah!


For Boston, for home, and for the prize!



It's time for Wacha to finally spit the bit. The energy at Fenway will dissolve both his shoelaces and his will.

You know you're a nerd when you screen through an employee listing, see a dude's first name being Lothlorien, and you get the reference.

And jeez I wonder if Buck and McCarver are going to interview Wacha's high school girlfriend and then his pets? Maybe his kindergarten teacher while we're at it?

Heh if Ortiz stayed at first I wonder who we could have as DH?

That's easy-Ditka!! ;O

It's now reached uncanny levels. The ALCS and WS games the Sox have won I have fallen asleep during, usually right around the 9:30pm timeframe (a. I am an old; b. the gym alarm rings at 5:30am). The ones they have lost, I have seen every pitch. So I am missing all the heroics, but also feeling as though my on-demand sleeping abilities are in the service of a much larger good. Guess I'll be watching in bed again on Thurs, and you can thank me later... GO SOX!

I hate game 6s. It is incurable. Can't trust that game.
"They tore down Shea Stadium! I almost cried. Dad cried when they tore down Ebbets Field. The Dodgers didn't stink before they left, the Mets? meh."-Jerry Seinfeld



I confess to be among the falling asleep in middle innings and missing things and then catching up later... my gym alarm is 445am, so you won't get any chiding from me Nat... Also I love the feeling of waking up from a little power snooze and seeing that the Sox have scored 3 runs.

My gym and work alarm are the same - 5:25. I went to bed after the 8th inning on Game 5, because in Koji I trust. Otherwise I've made it to the end of every game in the series. I think the only playoff game I bailed early on was the Tampa blow out in game 1.

Can't wait for tomorrow night. Please go to sleep early, Natalie!

Ah, game 6... here's a history quiz for you, kids.

What player was announced on the NBC crawl in the 9th inning as the MVP of the 1986 World Series, just as "Schiraldi ran up an 0–2 count on Ray Knight, putting the Red Sox one strike away from winning the series"?

a. Marty Barrett
b. Bruce Hurst
c. Danny Heep
d. Dwight Evans

If you answered "B". Collect your prize.

Source: me. I friggin' witnessed it.

From Wikipedia" After recording two outs in the bottom of the 10th, a graphic appeared on the NBC telecast hailing Barrett as the Player of the Game, and Bruce Hurst had been named World Series MVP. A message even appeared briefly on the Shea Stadium scoreboard congratulating the Red Sox as world champions."

ps: I have never, ever, seen a replay of the 9th inning of that game. On the various retrospectives, I fast-forward. Once, I was walking through an airport as the clip was being played. I averted my eyes.

You're welcome.

TL:DR all chickens must be accounted for.

now, ❶


I've seen all the endings, it's just the middles I have a little problem with.

It's the 10 minute commercial breaks between innings that send me to nighty night land. Yeah, you'd think the Cialis commercials would keep me up, right?


My butler is retired (he isn't, as far as I am concerned). Gyms are an anathema to him. Like me, he'll go to sleep when it suits him, and get up when he has to.

In 1986 I was a sophomore in college. We were on a road trip to the University of Illinois and were watching the game at the frat house. With 1 out in the 9th we decided to head out to the bar to beat the rush and get in before a lined formed. I will never forget the cognitive dissonance I experienced walking into the bar and seeing the Mets celebrating on the big screen. I couldn't understand why they were celebrating when they just lost the Word Series.

What I learned from Viagra commercials -
Apparently, E.D. only affects attractive and straight older men or only attractive older men still have wives or girlfriends who want to get it on. Ugly and/or gay men can either still get it up or have no reason to.

Last night was the first game I watched start to finish. In 1967, Yaz hit .400, had 3 HRs,and 5 RBIs in the WS with three of the games against Bob Gibson. I think that was the commonly accepted standard for carrying a Sox team on your back. Until now. I hate to besmirch Papi but is anyone else thinking 'Mr. Applegate'?

lc- I can relate to your airport story. Years ago I was walking into a video store (remember them?) that had Game 6 1986 playing and within the one second it took to realize what I was looking at, I screeched like a cat with her tail caught in the door, turned on a heel and walked out.

So appreciating that there are others with the same sleeping-watching strategy. While I haven't seen the ends like hb, there are running strings of text messages with gfs and my ex bf whose low-volumed pinging keeps me occasionally awake enough to check the TV and fall right back to sleep. Will aim for the same on Thurs!

Nothing that happened in the playoffs prior to Game 4 of the 2004 ALCS matters.

Let's not forget Wacha Wacha was trailing when he left the mound in game 2. We can beat this bitch!

Release the Lacken!

Game 6 is on Wednesday. Please let us hope they come to play and the rookie withers under pressure. I won't be able to handle a game 7 with Peavy on the mound...

Love to know what crawled into that guy's head (probably the same thing that got into Buchholtz's)

To all who are missing the game as good luck, fear not. you can watch. the actual and true rotten rabbits foot for SL is my pal in SL who causes his team to lose if he sees more than a few pitches. His family has banished him to the kitchen during games but he keeps peeking. Skipped Sat night game but attended Sun and Mon to our benefit. Oh - and he also committed total gooch and very specifically told me what type of bbq and beer meal I had to send his way.

However he did have this fine gem from the Sun night game - sitting near foul pole he had some fine Redsox fans near him, one of which was having much fun with Mr. Gomes calling him a dingaling, etc. After Gomes homer when he was back out in field stretching, bending over to touch his ankles out comes the holler "Ya Jonny thats what I was feeling like just before you hit the dingah, you dingaling". Gomes had a laugh.

Stephen Drew almost came out of his slump last night, looked like he was finally seeing the ball well again, and did hit one to the warning track--just a hunch, but given the way the season & playoffs have gone (Gomes & Ross w/ game winning hits) might he be the Game 6 hero?

And a few notes before we settle in for the last of the season...

- I was right back in June when I said these guys were the shit.

- I was wrong when I said we didnt have the staff to win the season. Win or lose, we have the staff.

- If you recall, one h.b had lost his wood for this whole thing. We must at least be back to 3/4 mast by now! adn thank gawd becasue this site makes it all the more fun.

- Bobby V the other day said he would be here in the series too if they had kept him. I will leave that comment to ferment.

- 2004 team, hallowed be thy names, were a wild card sneak-in hot in October team. 2013 boys have been kickin ass all year and it has been a lot of fun.

- This team screams dirtdogs!

- Worst to First mothuh fuckuh! Thats how we roll!

Now lets go win one.

Jeff in NC. I disagree with you. Had the team kept Bobby V, he would be in the series. Right next to McCarver and Buck in the booth. But as it is, ADs from small religious schools in Connecticut are not in strong demand as color men these days.

Yazbread - no doubt. The censors would have a time working around the 3-handled rusty trombone.

I can't handle Game 6 stress. I was a freshman at NU, had a bottle of Freixenet in my lap courtesy of mom/dad (it was parents weekend), iced and ready to go. Watched it unfold on a black & white tv at 337 Huntington ave across from the Y. And then, the eerie sound of TVs being liberated via 3rd and 4th floor balconies throughout the Back Bay. Please win tomorrow.

I'm gonna be firing crumpled up pieces of paper at the garbage can alllll dayyyy long....

"Ok, if this one goes in, we win...ok this one too...ok, if I make five in a row, we definitely are gonna win....ok, missed one, but if I make the next three, we got this locked up..."

Jeff/Yaz, hilarious!

Natalie, what the frig is a "gym"?

Go Sox! My friend snagged seats for tomorrow's game. He's one deliriously happy Nutmegger.

I was great with child for the 1986 Series. I promised the Baseball gods that s/he would be named either Ruth or George if we broke the curse. Well, at least Michael got Yaz's middle name.

God forbid it goes to game 7 and we put Denny Galehouse on the mound.

"Why don't you knock it off with them negative waves? Why don't you dig how beautiful it is out here? Why don't you say something righteous and hopeful for a change?"-Oddball
"Crazy! I mean like so many positive waves maybe we can't lose! You're on!" -Oddball
*The Butler met one of Kelly's Heroes producers and but for a complaint by the studio over excessive profanity and violence and a threat to rate the film M (Todays PG-17) would have been the reply.

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