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Prepare for a nailbitah

Among current Sox players, 12 have faced Moore over his career (88 PA total), but just 4 have managed to hit safely...


I can't hear you...


Hah. But look having said that, it doesn't mean I think they are going to lose.


Let's face it. If the Red Sox lose it'll come down to one reason.


The government shutdown?




I mean if it can cause an already crazy dental hygienist to flip to her double-batshit crazy mode, then is there no havoc it can't befall?



But if it rains, nobody will get any hits. Advantage Lester, who secretly has to love the effect of rain on his cutter.

Now the commissars are going to make it harder to become a dental hygienist. Just so long as they leave veterinarians alone, especially mine.

3-1 Sox. Lester out-pitches Moore. So let it be written, so let it be done.

So mote it be,Bob.

No way Miriam was hot enough to be that crazy. She never stood a chance.

Honestly, as much as I wanted the Indians in, the baseball gods have decreed again and again that for glory to manifest in Boston, NOTHING would ever come easy. Case in point, the 2011 Bruins or the ALCS of 2004/2007. Hardships are for earners.

I worked from home today. What are the odds of me still being in my home office when the game starts?

Denis Leary tweet:

Red Sox. Rays. Dirty Bearded Bastards vs Florida Fake Stadiums

Well. That was nice.

I think the game is already over.

some guy just hit 2d TB HR. I don't think Joe is gonna make it.


[email protected]#k.

Well, have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

A hit, a hit!

Oooh, it ain't over. Moore extra base hits. (See how I spelled "more," "Moore"? See that?)

I take credit for the reverse gooch.

I go off and clean the house and the Sox score 8 runs. Does this mean every time they are behind I have to run and scrub a bathroom?

It's not over till Papi says it's over!

Could have saved a few runs for the Price game tomorrow but the magic number appears to be 10 (sorry Kaz).

10 year old 'Sox fan very excited.

My butler is strange. He had a beer (whatever that is) after every run his Sawx scored. Now, he is sleeping and drooling like a dog.

no one gives a shit

I truly don't get the bit.

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