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Nerves of jello

Happy Government Shut Down Day!


Well, only 34% is shut down, the othah 66% continues relentlessly to tax us, spy on us, and treat us with contempt.


Good. Because I've found that viewing porn is far more titillating when I wondah if I'm being observed by an omniscient nanny.


Does your omniscient nanny have a British accent?


No, Russian.


Ah, well-played...


Speaking of playing well, the Red Sox succeeded beyond everyone's wildest expectations and tied for most wins in the Majahs... So why am I so nervous about the ALDS?


Let's see... long layoff, short series, anything can happen?


Yeah, that.



But they have the playoff bush ;D

Hardly anyone on the T this morning. Yeah, Shutdown!

So what's the deal with the 3:07 start time? I thought the Sox were prime time.

Strach, Vaše jméno je červená ponožky ventilátor

What is all that fuss about when an event starts? It could start at midnight, and idiots will show up. Amazing.

A 3:07 (yeah, right) start means no one sees it. WEEI is just about the only entity that will like that, as people will listen to them for the game, if not their normal drivel.
It also means the T will be caught off guard when the game ends around 8 or so.
I want the Indians, the Rays are a headache, as last night's game so vividly illustrated.

Are you kidding? Friday at 3:07 is awesome! Good excuse to leave work early, do some day drinking at Professor Thom's and still be home at a reasonable hour in order not to wreck the weekend first day out. I am verily pleased. Also long layoff just means more time to grow the playoff bush for good luck. Remember, kids, it's all house money! The playoffs are like the double or nothing final round in Cash Cab- we lose, hey, still still went on a great ride and got almost to our destination for free!

I'm coming down with a 72-hour flu...as in I'll have the flu about 72 hours from now.

**cough, cough**

Speaking of the 72-hour flu, it smells like somebody expelled 20 gallons of hot dog water in the men's room here.

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