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Loving every moment of every inning

You know I don't want to take anything away from The 2004 Team...


May Peace Be Upon Them


Exactly. Their devine grace shall nevah be in question...


But with that said, this 2013 club may be the most joyful to watch of any team evah.


There is just, I dunno, a certain looseness about them...


A looseness wrapped in a swaggah....


A looseness wrapped in a swaggah bound by a contagious camaraderie...


A looseness wrapped in a swaggah bound by a contagious camaraderie with beards.





That picture of Big Papi hoisting Koji, as though he's a keg of beer, and Koji is OK with it?
"When You Hot..."

They didn't show you the pic of Papi tapping Koji.

Damn, Fri and Sat were fun; could not agree more with the strip. "I see great things in [the 2013 Red Sox], they will take our people out-of-doors, fill them with oxygen, give them a larger physical stoicism, tend to relieve us from being a nervous, dyspeptic set, repair those losses and be a blessing to us." - Whitman, with liberties.

Sweepin' on the Dock of the Bay....

Those beards are killa. Just killa. Say, if a pitch brushes your beard, do you get 1st base?

Listening to Millar and Adam Jones on Mlb last night. Talking about those out there who gripe about papi watching his bombs a little long. Adam J says "he's got 400+! What's the problem?". I like Adam Jones.

When Papi lingers to look at his homerun bombs, an angel earns a blowjob.

Nice game on Saturday. Thanks for leaving Price in a bit too long. Downside - the announcers were pro-Rays and Lackey was jammed by the ump. But he soldiered on.

The butler damn near tossed an empty dry food box at his TV, ranting about the bias of the TV crew. He is giving me the snake eye. Now, he's giving the little one some of MY good
(Note: he left this when I gave the Empress one of "his" liver snaps. He didn't notice the new box!CF)


go sox, beat rayzzzzz.


Im going to have to convince Mrs Jeff to call me Angel tonite. And invite papi to watch.


It's the turducken of playoff auras.

Final score, 5-3. Winner:

Oakland's stealing our beards ;(

He is muttering things like, payback for '04, f(*****)g hose job, Why did they pull Papi when they did? Then he scooped up the Empress and gave her a liver snap. I get a scratch on the ear and two liver snaps. Guess he knows who is in charge.

I have very rarely ever seen a more one-sided commentary. It was as if any time the Rays did anything the commentary was in a ALL-CAP size 14 bold font and when the Sox scored it was a 9, all lower case, and if they could have lightened the ink they would have. That said - the Rays are toast, tonight.

The announcers were so bad I listened to EEI from the 6th on. Natalie is correct on all her comments and Whitman is the only major poet with a beard longer than Napoli's. Let's kick Turner's crew's ass tonight.

In the early innings the commenters used the words "bad luck" like 3 times when referring to the Rays getting out because a Sox player made a great play. Um, that's not luck, fuckwits. That's opposing talent.

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