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It is time

Is it time of mists and mellow fruitfullness?


It is the season of beards and fellows of grittiness.


A season of three little birds and timely Victorinoness.


And the hour of Uehara working with sick to the stomachness.


It is the season of Papi and this is Our fucking citiness.


Season of Homeric blasts and hallowed World Seriousness.



With luck, and an absence of seriousness, the Sawx prevail. But, not in a sweep, Cardinal pitching is fundamentally sound throughout and ours isn't, lacking middleinningness of a level needed to carry the cup (Thanks Mumbles)home for another Duck parade and more silliness.


The season of H.B. at his very bestiness.

Bring it on.

As long as I don't see Franklin Morales on that roster I won't have a conniption.

I consider all this gravy. Let the Wild Rumpus begin.


Gravy is the correct sentiment. You don't necessarily coast when you reach goals in-stream, but aren't the Sox something like 35 wins ahead of last year?

Nope, not gravy for me. This is chicken and waffles and biscuits (and gravy). The season was all house money but now that the WS is here, it feels like all my money on the line. I want it so bad, you guys.

Hopefully a Sox win to send McCarver out in style.

And tequila for dessert...

Crap I forgot this was on FOX. Time for more non-Boston fellatio from Joe Buck and Tim McCarver on Wainwright and Wacha.

Buck, McCarver. They ARE Cardinals. WTF? They should be unceremoniously tossed out first tonight. Get Orsillo, RemDog, Eck back in their seats. Perhaps if Jim Koch at Sam Adams was paying the bills instead of the St. Louis Belgian sellouts ("Grab yer Buds") we might have our guys?

Gravy, schmavy. I want another championship flag to fly.

My master likes gravy. He puts in on Ritz crackers and then engages in GTA-V while the butler prances about in a female armadillo get-up. I don't understand humans.

See, not so hard, or clever.


what Nat said.

Fenway is an intimidating place for visiting teams too play. That, and Koji will be the difference between two evenly matched teams. Sox in 7.

I just wish there wasn't so much "Boston Strong Motivates Sox" stuff going around out there. It only serves to remind me that the Skankees lost the WS after 9-11. And being so superstitious doesn't help matters.

The Sox are something like 70-38 against the NL in interleague games over the last five years. I expect that trend to continue. Sox in six.

I am giddily full of nervousness.


Pink fake beards?

yay 3

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