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Hours until 4 are going to drag

What's the word from ol' man Scrivenah?


If you're done your work, get out the door by four...


And othahwise?


Stream to your haht's content.


Gotta love the ol' man.


If Bob Cratchit had worked for Scrivenah instead of Scrooge, Tiny Tim wouldn't have been born retahded


I thought Tiny Tim was a cripple?


Pool or the pond.



An afternoon WS game? OK. Detroit. I get in. The family puts in an appearance at 5:30 or so.

Lucky me,I work at 3 ;(

Tiny Tim? Awesome, Christmas comes but twice a year, at least twice this year.
Магичната бројка е седум


A 5 PM game for Verlander? Nothin' good gonna come from that until around 7, when Miggy and Prince put on a show at the expense of the battered Sox pen. But, Papi an' Shane get to feast on Detroit's pen. "I may be
Goin' to hell in a bucket, but at least I'm enjoyin' the ride".-Jerry Garcia and Bob Weir (perhaps others but I am lazy and won't look it up...

Cmdrflake, lyrics by John Barlow, but I take your point.

Pond's good for you. Natural springwater.

Nice work as usual, HB

My butler thanks MWL, who like him knows that going to too many Dead concerts has an effect upon one's memory and weight. Ah, a fresh liver snap, oh joy is mine!

Release the Lacken!!

I'd be wary of that 4:07 start. Remember, there's only one clock that still works in Detroit.

The best part of living in the Rocky Mountain West. Game time: 207P

4:07 - Stream from work on my phone app
5:00 - WEEI via Sirius in-car
5:45 - Hope Meadhall has a TV tuned to the game I can glance at while celebrating a friend's birthday
7:37 - Sox win

I'm going multi-modal today.

trying to think of something witty to say and like at comerica no lightbulbs are turning on. I guess detroit really is bankrupt and couldn't pay the power bill this month.

Now there are no clocks working in Detroit. Except that travel clock Prince Fielder carries in his rectum.

Ver-lan-der goes eight
But Lac-key rules the twi=light
Nap-o-li goes yard

Verlander on the mound, in Detroit, final score 1-0. Tell me that any Detroit fan was thinking that would be a Tiger LOSS ....

Exactly what I said to my sister and bother @ 7:40 last night.
I imagine they are in shock. I also have hope we can leave Detroit up 3-1 at least.

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