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Head banging inning

Now, Timmy, I need you to understand something....


We can't just go banging our heads against the floor whenever something doesn't go our way...


Do you know what happens to little boys who can't control their aggression?


They are medically disappeared, Timmy.


Does that sound like something for you, Timmy?


Timmy (getting head wrapped):
I don't guess so.


That's a good boy, Timmy.


So, Timmy, have you given any thoughts to what you'd like to do one day when you're older?


Jimmy (getting head wrapped):
Yeah.... I wanna grow a long fucking beard.



"When we grow up, we discover booze, weed, sex and oh, yes rough sex releases the tension. Then when you become an old fuck, there is the vibrating recliner".-Lewis Black

You're Manny Ramirez. My dad says you don't hustle.

I used to sew wildness, scratching a TV cabinet, my maid's leg, all that nonsense led nowhere. The maid got a new TV, her leg healed and I discovered that she did not feel what I was doing to her. She threw me to my butler after she had her first little human for my own safety.

Good news: We got some hits.
Bad news: They were completely useless.

Best news: if the last three games are just like the first 3 games, we went 2-1 before so we can do it again. I'd rather we didn't go to Game 7 to test this theory. Let's give Lester some run support today, okay guys?

I guess Peavy's postseason ERA of 1000 or whatever it was coming in was not a misprint. Best of 3 now. Let's get it done boys. Hysterical last panel, hb.

This could all come down to Game 7 and John Lackey. I'm just sayin'.

More windshield. Less bug. Please.

I have pet peavy. It's pitching badly when all of your pitcher teammates have done so well.

at least it was over quickly.

and so forth.

i'm thinking the bats might be due, but then its Anabelle pitching. Girls' name. just saying.

I like the strip,but I am afraid people with mental sickness will focus heavily on the alternating patterns of the direction of the vector in the quote balloons.

Now that you see it, you can't ignore it, can you.


Jesus God Almighty is that really what postseason Peavy is like after all the horror stories? Lester, Buch, PLEASE put this away. I was right when I said it was never easy for Boston and its fans, but can we NOT have this razor's edge crap for once?

A stream of profanities as hot as sriracha (spelling?) left my mouth after that inning, worse than Jake's own cursing on the mound.

If your starting pitcher that has walked 30 something people all fucking season walks 3 in the 2nd inning, that is a pretty damn good sign that he does not have it that day. Get his ass off the mound, and I don't care about his fragile starting pitcher ego. I'm sure he'll find a way to deal with it as he rolls around in the millions he gets paid to play baseball.

If his eyesight is so bad Salty needs to put colored tape on his fingers why doesn't he just put on a pair of glasses? Worked for Charlie Sheen,just sayin' ;D

Pedroia needs to turn that double play. Just say'n.

I'm with "Past a Diving Jeter"
Pede's catches that cleanly and it's a very different ballgame.
Jake's not off the hook..... 3 f-ing walks?
Let's get Anibelle tonight...
I like our odds if we do.

Problem with game 7 is Joe West behind the plate. He hates the redsox so everything thrown by Detroit is a strike. We need to not see him again. What we do need is to hit the fucking ball. You blow a catch, you knock one out. Repayment is due immediately.

And bench Drew. Seriously. A 5-year-old with a wiffle bat could hit Detroit better than he could.

@HR, Peavy is wearing contacts - otherwise he couldn't even see Salty let alone his fingers. Guy has 20-300 vision. Regarding leaving him in, not that I agree with it, but I think Farrell's thought process was that game 4 was a lost cause already and he needs Peavy to be ready to start game 1 or 2 and 5 or 6 of the WS if we get that far. Personally, I'd have pulled his ass off the mound as soon as I had a reliever ready, and taken my chances with his next start, i.e., I'd have Dubront and Dempster warming in the first inning of his next start.

Peavy sucks. I didn't like the trade then and still don't like it now. Go Sox!

Red Sox are done for
Notwithstanding Koji-san
Fall's reality.

(double reverse gooch in haiuku form)

I have last panel humour envy.

The butler had only "a few" during this one, but he did have a slug of something he referred to as "single malt" after he let out a loud whoop like noise. I have no clue about that. His team won apparently though, so he'll pass out happy.

Good Lord, the nattering nincompoops of Boston Sports Radio were freaking out Thursday, even after being front & center for seven months of a "sample size"...this team is real good! Duh. Good pitching. Good hitting. Great relief. They are going to the WS, and are probably going to beat the NL team. Have a little pride people...

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