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Enter the Carousel. This is the time of renewal.

I think my retinas are permanently burned from all the times TBS did the wide-angle shots of Tropicana Field.


Do not go into the white light!


Seriously. It's like some sci-fi abattoir.


Appropriately, the Rays are gonna die there tonight.


Oh, without question. It's Peavey time.



I assume the reference is to Logan's Run?

I don't know if the ump was ridiculous last night, or TBS' strike zone grid is screwed up. Red Sox pitchers couldn't get a strike called on anything below the letters, and Rays pitchers got the strike call if the ball made it to the catcher.

I caught the Logan's run thought, just as my boss attacked me for reasons he has described in his rather odd prose.
Oddities abounded: TBS' obsession with the "rings" that screw up the game. We know about that shit. We have benefitted from that screwed up heap and been penalized by it, too.
It was nice to see Rays fans coming to that dump for a change, cowbells and all.
Anyone see Dick V?

Yeah, Logan's Run. The Trop is where you go when it's your time.


I can't shake the feeling this series is coming back to Fenway

Love that movie. Great strip. Go Sox!

COD - what u said. The two safe calls at bases didn't make up for it.

Oh, by the way, it kills me that Maddon schooled Farrel in the art if big game management.

You never really understand how complicated the rules are until you try to explain them to a fan of Cricket who has never watched baseball. I was in the process of explaining to my Jamaican partner what an intentional walk was, and why I though it was a good idea ... when Langoria tied the score. Well crap.

Peavy Peavy Peavy. Show your craziest, most talk-to-yourself self tonight. Give them nut-on-a-stick.

Count how many "You know"s from Gomer after tonight's win. I want to be on whatever that guy is on.

things happen.tough to be beat by a guy who sells red-bottomed shoes on the side.

sparkly song parody on hold.'

we move on. to G4.


ps what a shitty ballpark

Still confident

I have it! That so-called ballpark looks a lot like the inside of my travelling case. My Butler/chauffer didn't notice the resemblance. Why don't they have Don and his partner of the week (lately, "Eck".)on these games? My butler likes this Don fellow doing his Sawx games.

Oh I was hoping that Mike Carpe Diem could have seized the day and hit a lazer back up the middle. Knocking that stupid ffn hat off Rodney's head. Hey MLB!, with all the strict uniform "codes"; you allow that sh#t. Ridiculous

I would rather have ALCS tickets instead of ALDS Home Game 3 tickets.

I'd rather watch them roll over Oakland than a nail-biter against those pillow-biters from Tampa.

No one is more anal about how one wears their uniforms than the NCAA and the NFL. Everyone else is in the dust.
Now, where is that idiot catnip sniffer?

Ooh! She's z'd out on my lap and you know who is jealous. You might make a comparison between the Trolley Dodgers and the Halos. Now, THATS jealousy!

That was intense, and oh so sweet!

Still celebrating on West Coast.....Just realized....uugh early morning awaits

Is it Saturday yet??? ;)

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