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Bring on any opponent

So who would you rathah face Tampa or Cleveland?


Well, as much as I hate everything about the Rays and having to play at least one game in their Sephora, Gap, Aunt Annie's Pretzels mall masquerading as a ballpahk I do believe I prefer facing them.


Seriously, and for me, I don't think I can face the whole "Francona returns to Fenway" meme the media will gag us on.



Lester v. Moore
Lackey v. Price
Buchholz v. Cobb
Peavy v. Archer
Lester v. Price

That appeals to you guys?


Fuck it. Yeah. Let's go through Tampa, Detroit, and the Dodgers just because we can.


Let's crush our enemies, see them driven before us, and to hear the lamentation of their women, near women, transgendahs, hermaphrodites, and those marked as "refused to answer."



Whether we want them or not, Tampon Bay is going to win tonight.

जादू संख्या अकरा आहे.


Still would rather have to face Cleveland's "pitching"

If Tampa Bay gets through, the Lackey/Price match up is scary as hell to me. When Price is right,(Man the barricades!) he is unhittable as we have seen before. I would want the Indians to win only because they have a somewhat caring fan base. That the Tribe is brutally overcharging for their tickets is incidental. The Tribe is only doing what the MFYs and Sox have been doing in this century as a matter of course. Which raises another issue, I have to wonder how many tickets the Sox sold directly to Ace Ticket and Stub Hub. So they are selling the game out like they did from 2003 to 2012, never mind the empty seats, people...

You humans are so obsessed with so many irrelevant things. What really matters is harvesting salmon livers for those of us that deserve the finer things of life.

Marathi, LC?

I'd rather play Cleveland. KIcking Francona out of the playoffs will be sweet.

Want to see those Midges come off the lake again. ;D

No one seemed to notice the way Nava went from .295 last week to 4/4 .304 -- shades of frozen Teddy in Philadelphia in '41. Bogaerts is now 21 -- send him a BUSHmills t-shirt. Give Curley-boy more to write about--Cleveland!

That last panel had me chuckling out loud, h.b.

R.I.P. Jack Ryan
Tom Clancy likely only saw rushes of the non-Harrison Ford Jack Ryan epic. Lucky.

...and it killed him. Captain Kirk as Jack Ryan? Noooooo. "Aye captain, we can squeeze that sub back through the wormhole, and at the same time bring the Yankees into the playoffs just to enjoy beating them senseless again."

He Is Not Captain Kirk. He is not Jack Ryan, either. He is a cheap replacement, like generic liver snaps. Give me the originals, damn humans!

Cleveland so we can go through them again on the way to another WS title.

Not Cleveland, since it's not Tribe Time.

linger longer...


Clancy died in October. Fitting.

He failed in his hunt for Reds October.

I am sure he was a nice man. Never read one of his books because nerp.


Your loss miserable human! I heard it when the butler's father had it on CD. Damn good stuff. Proving that ship captains going off the deep end is a very entertaining genre and has created loads of suspense for nearly three centuries.

nothing like a Conan quote to start off my day (a day late). Thanks, HB

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