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Are we there yet?

Lestah vs Moore. 3pm tomorrow. Be there.


I heard old man Scrivenah is shutting down the office at 2?


Yeah, ol' man Scrivenah can be a prick, but at least he's a diehahd Sox fan prick.


I like our chances.


We're 12-7 regulah season.


Our pitching has posted a dominating 2.93 ERA against them.


The Rays have traveled like the distance between heah and Uranus in the past 12 days which has aged them 4 years or something.


And we've got beards.


Q.E.D. bitches.



Speaking of beards, I think Rebeca Yunen Finke is a beard for A-Fraud. His true love is Tyson Beckford.

So, I think pitching will rule in this series. Tampon Bay is pretty anemic offensively but can pitch the shit. Of course, so can the Sox, and they can hit a little, too.

It goes 5. Winner:

Best of all the non essential government employees can get to the game without having to make any phone calls or worry about being seen.
The Rays are used to playing on the road. They have played 164 road games so far, based upon the support (love to some)they get from the stands.

Apparently http://ftw.usatoday.com/2013/10/19-awesome-things-about-the-tampa-bay-rays/ beats http://hardballtalk.nbcsports.com/2013/10/03/stay-classy-indians-fans-who-paint-their-faces-with-racist-caricatures/
At least for another week.

My butler hasn't shaved. He looks horrid. He is too old for that. Spencer Tracy he isn't.

What's the over / under on which game contains a bench clearing brawl? There is no way this series completes without one.

Bring 'em on, baby! let's do this.

...and the B's open against Tampon Bay tonight.How's that for irony? Be there or be square ;D

I was going to comment on old man Scrivenah, but on further reflection I've decided that I prefer not to.

Cleveland fans wore REDFACE to the game? Wow. That's just a tad over the top.

I'm not a rabid "end all Indian mascots now!" kind of guy, but this redface thing puts a nasty spin on that sort of thing. I remember this ad from years ago; it's kind of appropriate today:


Is it 3pm Friday yet? Why not?

Because then we'd have something fun to yak about ;O

So, the NBC Sports HardBall webpage is outraged by stereotypes - unless of course the sterotype helps them sell ad space, in this case featuring a sterotypical big-breasted french women of questionable virtue (assuming you all see the same Shocking French Video ad that I do).

Last panel, yo.

Tribe: Q.E.F.
Rays: Q.E.D.

scribbedeedoo, butler,fenosopolistic, vergundinacten.


Word is that the Rays go to Uranus often - not that there's anything wrong with that...

Hey, somebody had to go there...

Presumably looking for Klingons,Rob. ;O

Just a domestic shorthair wondering just how weird you humans get at times.

Does 'vergundinacten' mean that somebody farted? Does Fensopolostic?

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