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And now...

Your omniscient author in absentia:
I'm out of town for my annual anniversary bash and I'm writing this ahead for a Monday morning auto-publish. This means that by the time you read this, our collective fate will be sealed.

Keep your Sox on.



really? so who ended up winning the world series?

I know everybody was rooting for a Sox-Dodgers W.S., but I hate the Dodgers so much I'm glad they didn't make it. They are the most unlikable team since the '90s Cowboys.

The Cardinals-Sox match is one that has the cachet of few others, MFYs-Dodgers? Hate both, but oh, the mutual hatred!

Am I wrong to be so unconcerned about the National League in general, or the Cards in specific? If we can get through Detroit, this WS should be a cakewalk. (knock on wood, salt over shoulder, etc etc).

My new favorite word is rejubilation. thank you Shane Victorino.

Amen, Bob. More schadenfreude for us that the whining beer drinking wing eating punks are on the sidelines. We got bettah grindah's in the clubhouse than Cappy's II...

As long as we have time to spare, Spaceman Lee reminds us Mr. Warr needs your votes. TY

Going to the series is fantastic. But it is so emotionally exhausting that I know I will be a wreck for the next two weeks.

Two weeks. Or Sunday.

So if 2004 was payback for 1946, 2013 will be payback for 1967.

And thus karmic balance was restored to the baseball world.

Pats drop the ball, no surprise, but the caring was minimal as the Sox are in the WS where they belong. Who cares about anything else amirite?

Also, surprisingly, there seems to be a lot of vicious hatred towards the Cardinals from a lot of MLB fans. It's almost Yankees-level how much people don't like St. Louis and I never knew why...

past performance does not guarantee future success and so forth.

I couldn't name 3 Cardinals before yesterday.

Being in the Series is a gift of enormous proportions.

Winning is better.


If the Sox keep hitting at this anemic level, Teddy Ballgame's .200 average from '46 might look appealing.

Ya, for those of you who weren't totally pissed off by my repetitive post on Sunday, it's simplified and here

So anyone taking bets on the level of fellatio that FOX, provided they broadcast, will perform on St. Louis?

I have a feeling that Boston won't have seen anyone fellate a Cardinal as well as Buck and McCarver since Bernard Francis Law was in charge.

LC, that was great.

That was way too easy Kaz. Way to easy. But someone had to do it.

I am bathing in the collective hatred and jealousy of all those who are not Sox or Cardinals fans. Also, they can all bite me.
Has Fielder made it back to 3rd base yet?

Ponch - no. Still looking for the snack cake he dropped there somewhere.

Biting people is fun. I bit the maid's boy, so he bit me. Then, I was cashiered for that and now I live with the guy I refer to as my butler, for lack of a better term.
Cardinals? Too alert. I prefer insects, especially the ones my little one chases as she doesn't know any better.

Ex-Cardinal, former daily play by play man for the cardinals, both NL water carriers. But occasionally TM will say something like "if you were to ask young people these days, they would tell you that beards are hip I think is the word they use and I would say they're good to wipe up with".

How to kill a thread, Part 26.

But the cat came back. He just wouldn't stay away.

For game one of the ALDS I had spicy garlic wings from BWW. Because of that, I've had them for every game since, (not good for the diet, but hey), and I plan to have them for every game of the WS. If that makes me a wing eating punk, so be it.

It's ok to be a wing eating punk as long as you don't leave Tito hanging the last month of the season and whine about it later...

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