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Rig ship for pennant

So yestahday I said I could get used to hearing "Middlebrooks up the middle" come Octobah...


But, you know, being the flexible, open-minded kinda guy that I am, I'm also perfectly fine hearing "Middlebrooks... High, deep, with a grand slam!" come pumpkin time.


And Papi hits two slump-busting homahs while Vladimir Putin is in St. Petersburg for the G20.

Coincidence? I think nyet.


The Hunt for Red Sox Octobah. It's on.


"Give me a ping, Mr. Pedroia. One ping only, please."



That one was one for the books.
Look on Leyland's face after Middlebrooks big one: priceless.
Dave O giving up and going into Sox mode after sixth: TAKE THAT MFY guys!

Well someone obviously could not sleep last night. With their 84th win, we bid adieu to Natalie, RedStripeNan, and Rob in CT. Oh ye of little faith.

Aye, Captain.

There were more homers last night than in the Yankee announcers' booth.

Never have I been so happy to be wrong.

That was fun to watch last night.

"The last time the Sox went deep eight times was July 4, 1977, in a 9-6 win against the Blue Jays at Fenway Park."

8 homers and 9 runs? Now that is hard to do.

Leyland looked like Saruman contemplating the wreckage.

Papi's one step closer to the hall of fame

I just hope they saved some offense for the next 4 games.

Lackey had to be wondering why he couldn't get some of that. ;D

oh, me of little faith. That was kind of fun to listen to, insofar as the first few innings were back and forth and you figured it was going to be a 6-5 grinder (either way). Then, the dam collapsed and Lake Powell drained into the Charles.

or another inapt geographic reference


No one that played during the period 1990-2015 has a shot at the Hall. Except St.Derek, who gets in under the MFY heroes rule.

And the Fruitbat.

If the Fruitbat gets in there will be a wave of dirty players let into the dopers wing of the Hall!

It was my gaming night and I happened to check my tablet in the middle of the 6th . . . ye gods.

Most of those homers were impressively crushed, not Fenway cheapies. I was afraid the Detroit pitching was going to put our bats to sleep before heading down to the toilet. I hope the mfy pitchers are now shaking in their boots.

I had to put the game down at 8:45 to deal with my non-RSN life. When I returned, "rewound", and settled in, it was glorious! And yes, soxinsix, I hope we aren't wishing for some of those runs back to use over the next few days.

Agree with Natalie: I was wrong but it feels good.

Did Cpt. Ramius homer last night?, or was that just another ball 'defected' from Fenway last night by some show beards. ..try saying MFY in your best Sean Connery voice ;)

An Australian friend of mine was at Fenway last night. I got a lot of excited texts while I waited for my 'plane. I hope they saved some runs for the weekend.

Now at LAX, next stop NYC and Natalie and I in the legends suite behind home plate.


Of course, as we know, it's the little differences. I just had my firt coffee with half and half since my last visit. God bless America.

sdu, I'll aim to dress like a Yankee wife! Now need to go scrounge up some Aquanet and leather pants.

Pablo - hilarious, especially since I'm re-reading LOTR right now. Last night's game was a lot of fun listening to during my exile here in Mordor, er, Texas.

Never happier to have missed the boat on wins this badly.

Eh yo ...Natalie! ...don't forget the chewing gum and joolry. aiyht!

And some sort of animal print.


Hope you have seen the film version. Give Christopher Lee a haircut and you have Leyland, looking awestruck.

Looks like we'll have something fun to yak about tomorrow.

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