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Rainchecks will be honored

Your omniscient author in absentia:
Update, Thurs., 9/26
Out late last night wining and dining... please carry on the creepiness at your leisure.


Apologies for the late notice, but next two days were having a work shindig involving our international vendors, and this has me up and going to the office a couple hours earlier than normal.

So no strip today, and I'll need to see how it goes for tomorrow.

We'll make it up in the postseason. (Does it feel good to say that or what?)



No Worries,h.b. Enjoy the Shindig,maybe The Righteous Brothers will show up ;D

Oh,and skip the chocolate cake ;)

Since the work still has to be done, ya get in early and stay late. But, you'll have MFY fans to work over, which will help the day move along.

Log your Todd Helton vs. Mo BS farewell extravaganza comments here!

Or consider this

Clam flavored Ramen noodles ;D

I came over here specifically looking forward to a strip about Mariano Rivera bobblehead day! Ah, the disappointment.

I hope you had good H.B. bobblehead dolls for your international vendors. Hate to keep them waiting, ya know?

My alarm clock didn't go off this morning. I probably should have expected this, since I've had the same clock since high school. Or as they called it back then, "Cipherin'Time."

I wanted to have my Salmon liver in a bowl made of my fur, but the butler has his dust buster, and is no fun.

Clam flavored ramen noodles?


I talked to people in both Ukraine and Switzerland today, and I still made it here.

2 up[ on Oakland. (Of course, everything in the world is 2 up on Oakland.)

I have heard the Oakland Players have marked their box, shall I say.

Ah, there is no joy in Mudville, as the MFY's have struck out. Hasn't been this much fun since 1985-92. Better yet this could be a reprise of the 1965-73 era when the MFYs really stunk. Thank you Mike Burke, wherever you are.

headline from the back of the NY Post today (no, I don't read that rag):


So! HB *is* Larry Ellison.

We won't hear from Bobby V on TBS during the playoffs because (surprise!) he shot his mouth off on WFAN about how there were no Yankees around Ground Zero after 9/11 helping out the city.


The thing the article is lazy about is whether he was right or wrong in what he said. Sure, TBS, doesn't have to care about the truth because they just don't want to hire someone who said something politically hot...but if it's true then it's not like he's slagging the Yankees with what he said.

Either way, it's not like Yankees fans have any reason to watch TBS this year anyways...so why does it matter if they like or hate Bobby V's comments? Either way, I'm glad they didn't hire him so I don't have to hear form him at all any more.

//Of course, everything in the world is 2 up on Oakland.//

Might be the nicest thing anyone has ever said about that city.

International vendors? Well put. I shall have to remember to use such code speak the next time I get Chinese in the a.m.





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