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Number 1 AL Seed

So today we have a one game playoff to decide who will meet tomorrow in, er, a one game playoff.


Talk about needing a template of a template.


All I know is I'm hoping like hell both those games go, oh I dunno, 18 innings a piece.


So do we have to wait until the AL Wildcahd is settled before they announce the schedule?


All I know at this point is there are TBD games on Friday at 1, 4, 7 and 10.


If the Sox are in that 1pm slot, well, let's just say that I'll be experiencing a bad reaction to a flu shot and won't be able to come into work that day.


As much as I love daytime, playoff baseball... ah the long shadows laying across the infield... there's no way we're not the prime time draw.


Seriously, everything about this team is prime time.


This is going to be a long week of waiting.


If you would have told me in April that our biggest gripe on the last day of Septembah would be having to wait 4 days for a Fenway playoff openah, well, you know the rest.



Oh baby, don't it feel like heaven right now
Don't it feel like something from a dream

Oh, yeah. almost forgot.

You take it on faith, you take it to the heart
The waiting is the hardest part

Unless the Sox management is in serious disfavor, they'll open at the usual 7:17PM on Friday. The A's/Tigers will be @10:17, but the Sawx and Tribe will only be in the 6th.

Throwing a no-hitter and having to go an extra inning to boot and no one cares? Ouch! Wonder if the Marlins will sell the unsold tickets as collector's items through Steiner? Humans, hrrruumph.

Red Sox back in the playoffs and the Patriots are 4-0. 'Tis shaping up to be a fine fall in New England.

So, who's growing a playoff beard? I'm going for full playoff bush in solidarity!

"Number 1 AL Seed" sure has a sweet ring to it!

Already got one,Nat ;D

Best record. Why do I not feel overly confident going into the playoffs?

which one, Rich? :-)

And somewhere, BigBri pulls on his warmest 'Yankee Universe' sweatshirt, finds the quietest corner of his mom's basement, and hides there until after the World Series, muttering '27 Championships' to himself over and over.

metamorphosis is a bitch.


Theo canned Dale Sveum.

Dale Sveum fired after back-to-back lasr place finishes. What a shocker.

Hey! Maybe Booby Valentine would like to help improve those Cubbies. He invented Ivy covered walls ya know

I have tickets for ALDS Home Game 3. I'm hoping I get to turn them in for ALCS tickets.

Rays, Indians, Rangers...I don't care. Let's win it in 3.

So with the redsox players kinda doing the Amish beard look, and if fans were to follow suit, what distinguishing characteristics might an Amish bush have?

I'm thinking a little white hat

Re: Amish bush - Um... unfortunately I feel there might be some horses involved...

The Cubbies fired Sveum? Egads! What took them so long? It could be argued that he didn't have the resources to make progress. He'll be working next season for Tito in Cleveland, or John with the Sox, perhaps he could get the soon-to -be open (again) job in Tronna.

Horses? I recoil at the thought of a dog, let alone a horse. My daughter is giving daddy a back rub, but I need to show her how to do it with more claw action.
I thought you waited in a bush while trying to trip the Butler when he staggers home from the bar.

TBS has named the announcer team for the Division Series between the Red Sox and the Wild Card champion.

Brian Anderson will handle play-by-play with Joe Simpson and John Smoltz as the analysts. Rachel Nichols is the reporter.

Anderson calls Brewers games during the season. Simpson is part of the Braves broadcast crew. Smoltz has broadcast experience with the Braves, MLB Network and TBS.

NESN's Don Orsillo and Dennis Eckersley are working the Oakland-Detroit series for TBS.

Keith Olbermann will be the pre-game and post-game host with Pedro Martinez among those joining him.

Keith Olbermann and Pedro? Really? AYFKM? I wonder if Pedro has (or will) ever watch Olbermann's political act before the broadcasts.

Maybe Petey will drill him in the ass ;D

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