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Magic 8

I'm running out of superlatives for how great things are going.


Seriously, the only thing I have to bitch about is trying to decide on which champagne to pop first...


Should I go with a vintage? A blanc de blancs or a blanc de noirs?


Do you worry at all about jinx?


Let's put it this way: Does Putin worry about jinx?


Are you kidding me, Putin does not receive bad luck because, to other people, he is bad luck.


Putin once got bored running Russian foreign policy, so he decided to run ours.


Putin abhors a vacuum.



Diplomacy requires ego sublimation and credit-sharing, something John Farrell likely understands but Fox-viewers. who would rather rattle sabers or genitalia, don't.

It's just crazy good. In fact, I'm now suspecting this stems from negotiations with the underworld led by Johnny "rosin up your bow" Gomes. Devil drove a hard bargain, demanding both souls in the afterlife and scratchy beards in the here-and-now.

Maybe Putin can get D Lowe off NESN? Something needs to be done.

Carp-e diem!!!

Carp's GS was just Putin a nail in the coffin.

It has rained for 3 straight days in Denver. It is the friggn' Apocalypse. Send Putin!

My Butler must have liked the present his team gave him. I rather suspect he enjoyed his odd speaking female more than the game. Her hands are wonderful. I sense she has a cat, who misses the Maid.

Wonder if Yazbread watched Rocky and Bullwinkle when he was a kid. Dangerous stuff, that.
D-Lowe was not noticing how Dumpster had lost his mojo in the third. Much too nice about it,..."overall not a good impression on this phase of the competition. You must be doing your best, and not let your position dictate your total performance."- You Know Who, many, many times.

Sorry to go all grammarNazi, hb, but please check panel 6. I will presume you were remembering the Little Leaguer grin on Carp's face last night and mistyped.

I like Derek,at least we don't have to hear about "cheese" every 30 seconds. ;O

Typo corrected.

Only Putin does not err.

If one tells Putin he is wrong, you will vanish like a centipede running across the room. MMM crunchy. Better than Meow Mix, dare I say.

BTW I'm off tomorrow for a 3 day weekend out of town. I'll post a placeholder for comments.


Lisa strips are often harder to write than regular strips. And I'll be departing the house at 5am, so...

"Lisa strips are often harder"....

"And if you..want to hit a grand slam...justgoaheadnow" Nice pinch hit by that Spin Doctors lead singer dude last night .

You are both human and forgiven. For those of us not graced with 3 day weekends, being able to work with Lisa would be divine.

being able to do anything with Lisa would be divine...oh, she of 3 fingers tingles the loins

Of course, this is just hb's inscrutable cover story for the fact that he will, in fact, be the hot bar maid at the Baseball Tavern serving okay beer to Harwich Rich, buckner was framed, mrs buck, me and whoever else shows up from 5pm tomorrow. Good one hb! See you there.

PS Did I mention that I really love Boston?

If you are looking for a job the Red Sox are hiring. http://jobview.monster.com/Associate-Boston-Red-Sox-Rotational-Business-Initiative-RBI-Job-Boston-MA-123848251.aspx

You all is some freaky ass folks. Happy, but still freaky.

BTW, took a 5 day last weekend to go to the Lockn music festival. Holy shite. And whilst the Sox were kicking ass ingot to update my Cardinals, Phillies and MFY fan friends on scores. It was wonderful.

A late update. With their 89th win last night we say goodbye to LC, Vancouver Sox Fan, and Yossarian.

Trolley of Life. Book it!
Opening line at the Vegas sports books 5:3, Lisa 7:1.
The accountants across the pond give Lisa 8:1, The Trolley 3:1.
For entertainment purposes only, naturally.

As long as I guessed on the low side, I am glad to be wrong.

Speaking of magic numbers, how about 12 billion miles? Voyager I has left the house (as in the solar system). If I recall correctly, in Star Trek The Movie it comes back - with bad intentions for all you carbon units!

I had 89? Crazy talk.

Oh, and : butler. Cat. Some other shit.

Glad to witness that Carp blast.

Sdu's euphoria would be tempered if he had to drive.

See you in the Series.


I'm in a bar in the (somewhat prissy) Southend. Wandering why T F I don't have Bobs ticket to Foxboro tonight.

@lc - no it wouldn't

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