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Looking better every day

You know, it would have been funniah if John McCain had been caught playing Angry Birds.


Yeah, the British MPs have everybody beat when it comes to, you know, "research."


So did it feel like a preview to Octobah last night or what?


Tight game, excellent pitching, timely hitting.


I could get used to hearing "Middlebrooks up the middle" while frost settles on pumpkins.


The last playoff game was 2009, but it feels like it's been since 1909.


99% now.


I'm not saying nothing.



Sounds like those MPs want to go up the middle.

What a playoff-quality game last night. Good to see the Sox win a low-scoring, one run game.

If there's a dopier, stat than POMP, than I have no clue as to a dumber one. I still have nightmares about two years ago. Their POMP was 95% or so two years ago today and look what happened.

I would have predicted Candy Crush Saga.

My son last night....

"The McCain photo must be photshopped. There is no way John McCain knows how to operate an iPhone"

Great win, especially since TB and MFYs both won. Lestah looked great!

It's funny how the iphone has also become the phone of old folks. My mom has one even.

Helluva a game last night. Pumped for Friday's game with sdu....

I think I have almost finally had it with the iPhone. The battery life is FOR SHIT, I just found out you cannot make contact groups, and the camera blows. I think I'll have to suck up not having my music on my phone (the whole one device thing has been its biggest draw)... what phone should I get? Taking recs...

Galaxy s4. Those Koreans know what's up.

An iPhone lasts only 5-6 innings in a "normal" game. Sox-MFY's? An inning-maybe. And that is just the audio, from five minutes ago, thanks MLB.audio.

Natalie...It's not as though I have have a Jitterbug...But I'm anything but a high-tech junkie...That said... I picked up the Sony Xperia Z (water-resistant!) about six weeks ago. I have been thoroughly impressed.

Good to see Lester showing some emotion last night. Maybe Uehara's ; I just won the little league World Series celebrations are inspiring the rest of the staff. Keep thinking he's gonna start high fiving the other team, umps, grounds crew......

Can't knock Uehara. Guy's been unbelievable, I'm be jumping around too. And he's doing much better than the most notorious of fist pumpers, Joba Chamberlain, who is pretty much an exile in the MFY bullpen who can't be used except in blowouts. remember when he and Hughes were the future? hahahahaha

Theo claimed Bard.

It is one of a sadly long list of quick and good looking outings, with a sudden and inexplicable ending, almost as though the abilities one had expired.
This has been used as a plot device in many, many plays, books, TV shows and whatever.
"Noteverythingisgonnalastwhichmakesitsodamninteresting" Hunter S. Thompson

Holy Fungoe,Batman!!!

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