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Enjoying the moment

It is the season of mists and mellow fruitfulness.


The maturing sun has filled Fenway with ripeness to the core.


Now unfurl the bunting and trim the stahtahs to four.



After the last week tis fine to wax poetic. I can't recall the piece being referenced. My mind is still foggy. Here I am re- wrapping the slash laid on me by my master, praying it isn't infected. Which is why guys will be in and out of the lineup all week. They will only play enough regulars to keep their timing fresh, while preventing injuries.

They still have to stay ahead of Oakland to secure home field throughout. And to let Oakland and Detroit beat on each other for a while.

May their gourds remain swollen ;)

So Oakland and Detroit will beat each others gourds? I only want to hear about it.

Made my first visit to PNC Park this weekend. That is a spectacular ballpark. The Pirates? Not so much on Friday night. They had a 3 run lead with 2 outs in the 9th and let the Reds come back to win after the Pirates SS threw the 3rd out into the Red dugout.

With all this naming of the Sox beards I still haven't seen "The Clam" -maybe Wally ;D

I noted COD's review of PNC park in the "Burg" the atmosphere is wonderful as is the food, which is, like the tickets not as expensive as around St. Fenway. BUT, fries in the sandwich? Dipped in Jus? Well, they'll ease the pain of an awful Stillers season and a Pirate teaching moment or two.

Winning helped my employee get along after my unintended swipe along his fore leg. A gash? Hardly. He's looked worse after getting rough, as he puts it, while having fun. It is I suspect his attempt to make me feel guilty about not wanting to get in that yucky box.

did somebody just fart?


No fart, but after tailgating yesterday, the bathroom looks like a bowl of hunter's stew.

ew. just....ewww. (way too subtle, lc)

Humans, humans, the box is at it's best when blessed with the scent of it's user. This is to remind all that this is MY BOX, Damn it!
Oh, the butler has cleaned it. Well, time to restore my mark.

Texas has decided to back out of the playoffs again. How much longer can Texas put up with his inability to not trip backwards in September and fall out of playoff contention twice in a row?

That's the normal Texas. The years they went deep into playoffs was an aberration.

Tailgate? Fart? Texas?



The world may be coming to an end. The Pittsburgh Pirates are in the playoffs, with a slim/who knows shot at the NL Central. But with the Cardinals one never, ever counts them out. Except in 2004, sweet revenge for 1967 and 1946.

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