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Steady at four

No movement in the magic numbah.


Yeah, thanks for nothing Texas and your 7 game losing streak.


Looks like the Rangahs have discovered the joys of beer and chicken.


Meanwhile, two years removed from our own beersharkalypse it's hahd to fathom that things are rosy that the Globe is doing offday fillah pieces on beards.


Yeah, so it turns out that John Lackey is not only most-improved with respect to performance, but he's also most-improved with respect to adding a beard.


Seriously. He goes from fugly to fierce.


There's only one thing wrong with being hirsute...


Putin hates beards.


I know. That's why Bigfoot disappeared.



But what if Bigfoot was named Ditka?? ;D

Ditka and Putin met once. And this meeting inadvertently created the universe.

Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn had a beard, but couldn't hit or field.

Castro has a beard. And he's dying.

This just in-Franco is still dead.

When Cardinal Ximénez grew a beard, nobody expected it.

Billy Gibbons and Dusty Hill* still look like they have since 1978, just greyer. Oi! That year again.
"Karl Marx had a beard. Gabby Hayes had whiskers"- George Carlin, whom we miss, with or without a beard.

Johnny Damon had to shave when he went to the dark side.

Try to get your Russian history correct. Bigfoot died in the Tunguska event.

"Looks like the Rangahs have discovered the joys of beer and chicken."

Snorted, woke up the dog. He's irked, but I'm happy. Good line, HB

I'm just wondering why none of the Sox have adopted this beard look:


I have no problem with the beards. I am not sure I can sit through the playoffs with Joe Buck constantly referring to the Sox as the Duck Dynasty.

Buck I can take- maybe it's the name- but McCarver can't possibly go away fast enough for me

I have a tight beard
And I am thusly awesome
At least in my mind

Playing a game with friends: who do bearded sox look like? ..can't use any references to duck dynasty, the Taliban or the 7 dwarves

Victorino-mini Rock , Dwayne Johnson

Victorino?: http://touchyaneighbor.files.wordpress.com/2011/07/edward-g-robinson-dathan-the-ten-commandments-1956-paramount.jpg


or should Cecil B deM references also be banned?


Who's your savior now?
Koji Uehara, who should only pitch one of three down the stretch.

Pedroia is starting to remind me of Dr. Zira.

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