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Yo bankrobbah dude, here's the deal: you need a bettah beard.


Seriously it couldn't be more simple. You grow yourself a Gomes style beard. Rob bank. Shave beard. And then live happily evah aftah with your undisclosed amount of money.


Now it's only a mattah of time before he's exposed.


Well, one would think. But look at Ron Washington, he's been disguising himself as an effective managah in Texas for years now and nobody seems to have figured it out yet.


Ron Washington and Bobby Valentine should team up to make a black guy, white guy buddy movie together...


Yeah, the the log line could be "Pulp Fiction meets Dumb and Dumbah."


And the Valentine charactah's gimmick could be that he rides to work on a bicycle in spandex.


And makes wisecracks in bad Japanese.


Yeah, and every time the duo find themselves in some calamity of their own making, the Ron Washington charactah just shakes his head and drawls, "Well, dat's da way baseball go.""


Hilarity ensues.



Just as long as they don't go all medieval on our asses ;O

Nice work out of you.

I've got a better black guy/white guy movie idea for those two. A remake of a true classic:


Bob, That is an awesome movie. Great job finding it.

"Now you know You Got to Go."

I laughed through this whole strip, hb. Hysterical!

A true classic,Bob-They don't make 'em like that any more. "Shut up"

"so you're saying there's a chance?"


Hang on a sec. Are you saying you don't like Bobby Valentine?!

On the serious side, let's nail down that best record.

Yeah,here's hoping we don't have "A Lost Weekend" or at least no bats on the wall ;D

Great stuff, HB. I can actually see a trailer for this movie in my head.

In 15 minutes, I have a meeting that lasts until 6:30.

Who's the advertising genius who thought it was a good idea to schedule that on a Friday?

F%*#. Oh well. Have a great weekend all. Hopefully we'll have something fun to yak about on Monday.

This weekend, we can kick back and watch the fun as the great Mo attempts to keep his act going, (Unlike Teddy Ballgame, who went fishing rather than finish his career on the road.) by taking up an up and coming (Ha, ha) player's spot in the MFY outfield. Why bother, Mo? Go fishing. You earned it.
Well, gang the fun is under way at casa del Meow, as the Chairman meets his daughter tonight on Fox (or CBS,NBC,TBS, Nick AT Night,or ABC.(parent of once great ESPN)

Good heavens! And who may I ask is this? My daughter? She IS Kinda cute. Sweet little thing, twirling the butler around like SHE owns him? I may remind you, I am your father! Come, join me on the dark side. He'll be distracted.
And why should a fellow bow out at home, rather than on the road? I read "Hub Fans Bid Kid Adeu", superb stuff. The butler has taste beyond train magazines, The Red Sox and god alone (IF there is one- or more) knows.

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