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You would too if it happened to you

Hey, look at this way, Callaghan...


Who needs a "June Swoon" when you can have "A Blight in August"?


I mean the latter sounds so much more profound, Gothic even.


Kinda quiet over there, Bill, what are you stalking quahogs?


Look, Mahty, if you want to call a stretch of .500 baseball a "swoon" then be my guest.


Oh, yeah, I'm sure they're going to bounce right on back. Any day now.


But you know what I see when I look at the Red Sox?


I see a party that everyone's left...


Oh, wait, I take that back. Not everyone has left...


There's one guy still there.


It's Ryan Dempster.


And Ryan had baked him a cake and everything.





Hey guys,
I live in a country with high-speed rails. It's the best.
Take care.

Ugh! I'd swear we're in a time warp and it's 2011 all over again. Or, is it 1978..1949.
The Chairman has issued the following:
Idiot humans, generic tuna and liver snaps are like Ryan Dempster when heat is applied to them. They won't be fresh, if they ever were in the first place and they fall short of what I require.
My human has this B.S. about money being scarce. He just got more bottles of what he called "The good F*****g s**t!" Water is all one needs to drink. There. That is my statement issued by me, The Chairman. Murrowww.

I don't like Mondays ;(

Like I said, the pitching worries me. Offense scores 6 off CC and fuckin' Dumpster can't make it stand up?

Dempster's throwing at A-Rod was bush -- there's no kinder word for it, and I say that as a lifelong Sawx fan and Yankee-hater.

What's worse is that Dempster threw at him 4 times, and didn't hit him until the 4th pitch.

Dempster is not somebody that can put the leadoff batter on and expect to get away from it. Farrell's attempt to defend it during the in-game interview segment was hilarious. Just trying to establish the inside corner. Right...

I'm surprised it took 12 games for someone to throw at him. I've got no problem with it, and neither did the ump. He must have had the Sox in the office pool

Eh, Marty doesn't remotely bother me; I still feel as if I am playing with house money this season. I also have some confidence they will snap out of this...

Out of morbid curiosity, has Jerry Remy been on the air since the whole tragedy? That is an insane story.

Great start to the vacation. F-ing Marty. F-ing A-Rat.

Hi Natalie.
NESN announed that Jerry will not be in the booth until at least 08/27. Insane doesn't even scratch the surface.

Meh. Their 1-2-3 took 2 games from our 3-4-5 (with Dempster soon to be a 6 if Buchholz comes back). Picked up a whole game. YAWN. If Victarino makes that catch on Gardner's triple instead of pulling up short we're shoveling dirt on the Yankees' open grave right now.
This kool-aid is SO TASTY!

If he wasn't so mediocre MLB would likely suspend Dempster, but that might not necessarily be a bad thing...

damn ponch that's some good drink. please share.

Heading to the game tomorrow night. Might need a gallon or two.

I'm ok w/ hitting slappy but I'm w/ Steve...do it on the first - you're a pitcher ferrcrissakes.

I hope A-Rod gets drilled once by every team the MFYs play from now on. I love it that the players are making a statement. Lackey's comments were right on. I just wish Dempster had got him on the first pitch.

On a night where we need J. Varitek . . . we get C. Schilling. Yeesh.

I have new respect for Dempster. Not his pitching of course, but of him.

Since MLB and others dont want to deal with him correctly, then hell to the ya let the inmates deal with him.

If he got hit another, say 40-50 times this season, that would be some fine commentary indeed on the fact that he is still playing. you think Girardi would keep falling on his sword for him? It would be more than great either way

All that being said, we aint got the staff to win the season. But Natalie is right, house money.

Will this team manage to win 90 games?

I was hoping Dempster would drill that rat turd again on a pick off attempt.

Yazbread asks if this team can win 90 games. Sorry, no way. But I had said they would be lucky to win 70, so what do I know, anyway?

Actually cmdrflake you predicted 75 wins. Technically you are still alive in the pool. Now Chairman Meow predicted 90 wins. Must have been high on catnip that day.

Hey Buck and Harwich and whoever else:
Where we drinking before the game on Friday 13th? Baseball Tavern?

sdu (soon to be on tour in North America)

works for me.

I'm in ;)

The Chairman knows where things are. The stakes between us are however many cans of expensive (Gourmet Cat Food?, Please...) cat food he beats me by. He knows. He never sweats anything. He drinks water. I do Bud most of the time. He still has 100% of his brain cells. Me? Fuhgedaboudit!

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