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Top sliced of course

Can we just go ahead and keep on playing the National League teams?


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
A major league-best 11-4 in interleague games this season, outscoring National League teams, 95-36. Aftah years of the interleague kicking us in the nuts, who saw that coming?




And what about Middlebrooks? Is he on fiah or what?


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
Yeah, that's why he's the eponymous special this week...


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
The Middlebrooks — A roasted Hatch chile pepper sliced vertically so the dog lays inside and then the whole thing in a grilled roll with mayo and dash of habanero sauce.


Jesus, every bite is hot.


Arturo, the hot dog vendor:
It just keeps hitting.



Dude, that hotdog special sounds good. hb, perhaps you should actually open a food truck? :)


Too funny.

I actually had the "Middlebrooks" for lunch yesterday. It was so friggin good.

A food truck would be awesome.

My uncle owns a vegan food cart out in Oregon (of course); it's very cool. Did you make that "Middlebrooks" for yourself or is there a fancy shmancy hot dog truck in downtown Boston (bc if the latter will have to check it out when I am up there for a week in Sept).

Made if for myself. Can't believe I hadn't thought of it before.

For the non-carb folks you could actually just use the Hatch in place of the roll.

Better lay in plenty of extra soft Charmin ;O

Yii! I won't go near that. Acid Reflux.
The hatch peppers are OK, I like to marinade 'em in apple cider vinegar and lemon juice with black pepper and garlic salt for about 4-6 hours on the counter, or if longer in the fridge. But they grill fast, so everything else has to be done first. Since the rolls grill up in the same amount of time it works out well. The roll gets some mustard and mayo then the peppers and the hot dog tries to find space for itself.

Natalie, I don't know of any fancy hot dog trucks right now...but any day we're supposed to get Oink. It's a bacon truck.


Mmmm...bacon. I'll be in town in Sept too, might have to visit the Oink truck.

Official Statement from the Chairman: MMMMM Bacon!

I am in an all day meeting. I have to do this about once a year. Is this what most folks do? Mind numbing. I might commit seppuku by the end of the day.

Perfect, except hold the mayo. Damn pimple pus.

Greetings from California. Unfortunately, I'm heading north just as the Red Sox arrive in Los Angeles. Why can't they follow MY schedule?

Is is just me or does that sound that a gender re-assignment operation?

hint: It's just me.


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