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Quirks mode

Well, the good news is that now when we see the CHB hobnobbing with John Henry we no longah have to wondah if he's on John Henry's payroll.


Definitely it's going to make front office leaks to the press a whole lot more efficient.


Speaking of efficient, how'd you like Jake Peavey? 65 strikes in 99 pitches?


Dude pounds the zone and works quickly.


And he works quirky.


Gotta love a guy who talks to himself on the mound.


And you gotta love a guy who realizes how fortunate it is to bask in the glow of Red Sox Nation's resplendence.


I'm glad Peavey's on John Henry's payroll.



Yes, he's very Peavish on the mound.

Peavey should be a bridge between until Buchholz is ready to go, hopefully before Peavey loses his mojo.
CHB doesn't need to do any leg work. Just get hold of John Henry's PR department-wait the Globe now IS John Henry's PR department. As Howie Carr put it, "if he shows up on Morrissey Street in a bow tie, we'll know.."

Pound the zone and work quickly??-I've been doing that for years ;D

I guess we are all on JH's payroll, now.

Go Sox.


I was getting my hair cut in fly-over country last week. Talking baseball with owner and customers. One guy just returned from Boston and had taken a tour of the park. Tek was on the tour as a tourist. God only knows why. But he signed about 50 autographs or so afterwards.

...and who knew Bobby Valentine was Hernandez' uncle?

A dozen take their medicine. Arod still clenching his jaw and turning his head away from the spoon making the "nyo mm mm nyo" sound. Fine.. Suppositories it is then.

Arod slapped the med out of the commishes mitt?

I would rather see A-Rod putz around AA and AAA this and next year rather then have him sit out a season. Need a new 2014 punching bag.

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