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Putting the two f's in offense

They released the Lacken but forgot to release the offensive Kerboros.


So if you strike out a three-headed dog, does that immediately end the inning?


When you only hit flyballs the entiah game, I'm not sure it mattahs.


Maybe they were saving it up for tonight?


All those who believe in psychokinesis raise my hand.



Psychokinesis? It is not a word my spellcheck believes exists. I have tried to get a beer while saying on my couch during a Sawx rally. Does. Not. Work.
It didn't work as intended for the sap in "Night Gallery" where a guy in bed tries to kill his wife's boyfriend, only to kill himself. It can cut both ways, amigos.
Minute Maid (Enron)Park is a pitcher's delight, since the AC kills fly balls that would leap from Fenway.

I liKe MiKe, but I thinK a one year contract may be ten months too long.

How does Lackey have a losing record? It just doesn't seem possible.

What is the Sox record on the 1st game of a road trip? It can't be good. I will need to bet on this trend.

There's a fine line between fishing and standing on the shore looking like an

Fun Pedroia piece:


That was fun. Great quotes. Wish we had more of that. I think I could read Pedroiaisms all day long.

We are recording a sick day. To appeal this action contact HR by Friday.

too many passed balls last night?

At least the bats recovered from whatever malady they were suffering from on monday night.

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