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One for the Zipper

What's your vector, Victorino?


Seriously, 2 homers, a ground-rule double, finishing with 4 runs and 7 RBIs? Talk about watching movies with gladiators.


And what about Napoli? If he hit that ball any highah he'd have had to contact Clarence at Logan for clearance.


I didn't think the game could get any bettah and then in comes four year old Darla Holloway.




You know nights like that really make you think something special is... well, you know.



Power of Poi. Heard on one of the E$PN shows (1 am SC?) that Victorino's family from Hawaii made the trip to Cali to watch him play and brought him hawaiian treats. Sox brass should pay for Mrs. Victorino to Fed-ex a weekly shipment of Poi.

Are the scars of all the bad years dampening this year's fun? There's a word for that. Won't use it.
There is some serious competition going on within the team: beard growing. (Kevin Millar calls 'em showbeards, FWIIW) Leader to date: Jonny Gomes, Pedey close, with Victorino in the mix. Will I grow a beard? No.

That Darla Holloway video was precious. Brought tears to my eyes. God bless her.

Gomes the leader? I think I have to go with Napoli.

Meanwhile the Rays had another rough night.

He must have had the chicken.

Instead of chicken and beer, perhaps chicken and Hawai'ian Punch... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=DLTyPNJCiJU

The Darla video. Wow. Tears. Now I have to find my 14 yr old son tonight, the one I am quite ready to shove a boot far up his keester, and give him a hug. Sonofabitch all my thunder is gone.

was there at the game. Not a dry eye in the place when she started singing. And a great ovation afterward.

Sometimes it's good to be reminded that it's just a game

The last two Napoli HRs, last night and in LA. Watch 'em again. Absolute friggin Bombs!

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